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Retired Brit expats 10% better off than year ago

Author: Ian Clover  |  March 9th, 2015

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Retirees in Spain have enjoyed a 10% 'pay rise' in the past 12 months

The current strength of the pound means that British pensioners who have retired overseas have had a ten per cent ‘pay rise’ in the space of a year, with Brits retired in the Eurozone among the best off…

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Spanish voted world's happiest language

Author: Ian Clover  |  March 6th, 2015

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The uplifting climate and landscape of Spain is inextricably linked to its positive-language... and its pop music

Spain has long cornered the market for the type of sunny, summery europop song that sticks in your head for days and the charts for interminably longer.

Ostensibly ‘happy’ music, these colourful tunes capture that summer feeling with their incessantly upbeat, catchy and repetitive rhythms.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Spaniards trying to do gloomy, angsty rock, for example, usually doesn’t work. Despite recent economic difficulties, Spain just isn’t depressing enough to inspire its youths to pick up a guitar and rail against their surroundings. We have Birmingham for that.

Nope, when it comes to pop music, Spaniards should make like their own climate and stick to bright, uplifting numbers, best avoided during the hours of 12-2pm.

But a recent study has also deduced that Spanish is actually the world’s happiest-sounding language, too…

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Brits drawn to affordable Spanish beach property

Author: Ian Clover  |  March 5th, 2015

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Obvious attracts: the allure of beachside Spanish property is proving strong to British buyers

The resurgent strength of the Spanish property market is manifesting in a greater desire among British buyers for affordable beachside homes – something that Spain has in droves.

Underpinned by the country’s wider economic recovery, the Spanish property market has begun to recover the gusto that characterised it at the turn of the millennium, only this time with greater transparency and appeal to discerning British buyers…

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Costa del Sol tourism on course for another record-breaker

Author: Ian Clover  |  March 4th, 2015

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Tourists to the Costa del Sol are expected to bring in more than €9 billion this year

Having smashed records in 2014, the tourism industry of the Costa del Sol is already showing signs that 2015 could be its best year yet.

Data unveiled by Spain’s national statistics institute (INE) for January shows that the number of hotel visitors in Málaga province – which covers the chief resorts of the Costa del Sol – hit 199,246 visits, which is a ten per cent increase on the same month last year…

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Don’t mind me: The politeness of Brits abroad

Author: Ian Clover  |  March 3rd, 2015

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Despite the bad press, it seems that most Brits abroad go out of their way to be polite

British tourists have run up a fair old rapsheet for bad behaviour in the past. From the drunken exploits of marauding football fans to the accusations of passive-aggressive aloofness and condescension, the reputation runs that as soon as a Brit leaves Blighty, all pretences of decorum and politeness go out the window.

But a new study by online travel agent has found that Brits abroad actually go out of their way not to offend, and perhaps even ramp up their levels of politeness when travelling, ensuring the image of the self-deprecating, friendly Brit persists worldwide.

Here are the ten things that Brits do to be extra polite when travelling overseas…

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Spanish house prices post first nationwide rise since 2008

Author: Ian Clover  |  March 2nd, 2015

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Although slight, the nationwide recovery in Spanish property prices is an encouraging sign for the market

House prices in Spain recorded their first nationwide average increase since 2008 last month, as the recovering property market spreads across the entire country.

Data from the Public Works Ministry showed that the trend began in the last quarter of 2014, with prices for existing homes across Spain rising in value by 0.5 per cent at the end of the year…

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Chinese tourists and investors eye Spanish holidays and property

Author: Ian Clover  |  February 27th, 2015

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The typical Chinese tourist spent €2,040 on average in Spain last year

As China’s economic might continues its slow trickle down to the millions of newly-created Chinese middle class, an increasing number of Chinese citizens are flocking to Spain to snap up Spanish property and enjoy holidays by the Med

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Costa del Sold! Spain gains again as property market picks up

Author: Ian Clover  |  February 26th, 2015

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Spain's property outlook for 2015 looks more assured than it has done for years.

The winters of discontent that have damaged southern Spain’s tourism, hospitality and real estate industries in recent years have skidded to an abrupt halt in 2015.

Despite the Costa del Sol shivering through one of its coldest winters in around a decade so far in 2015, data from its property industry is sure to warm the heart…

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How to enjoy home comforts when moving to Spain

Author: Ian Clover  |  February 25th, 2015

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You don't have to give up the things you love about Britain when you move to Spain

A great deal of the queries we at VIVA receive from people looking to buy a property in Spain concern the availability of the types of home comforts one is used to in the UK.

From food to healthcare, it is understandable that Brits considering a move overseas ask such questions, which is why VIVA’s pages are packed full of accurate and up-to-date information explaining the hows, whys and wherefores of what you will need to do when you move…

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What TripAdvisor’s beach ranking says about Brits and Spain

Author: Ian Clover  |  February 24th, 2015

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From the Med to the Atlantic coastline, Spain is lined by beautiful beaches that suit a wide array of tastes

In a ritual reminiscent of the annual ‘World’s Top University Lists’, TripAdvisor’s 2015 Traveller’s Choice awards have once again thrown up a rather Anglo-centric view of the world… but this time the results are rather well founded.

While the notion that Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge really are the best universities in the world (and not just the best that English-speaking people have studied at) is debatable, TripAdvisor’s revelation that Spain has five of Europe’s top 25 beaches is less controversial…

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