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Lita Cabellut’s ‘Retratos’ Exhibition comes to Marbella

Author:   |  June 3rd, 2013

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Coco Chanel by Lita Cabellut

'Coco Chanel' by Lita Cabellut - 'Retratos' Exhibition, Marbella

Described as “a museum quality exhibition of striking portraits of strong individuals such as Coco Chanel, Billy Holiday, Anne Frank, Lorca and Frida Kahlo”, critically acclaimed Spanish artist Lita Cabellut’s Retratos showcase runs at the Red Penguin Gallery in Marbella until 20 June.

Lita, an orphan who grew up on the streets of Barcelona in a deprived gypsy community, was adopted when she was 12 and remarkably had her first exhibition just five short years later, before moving to the Netherlands at the age of 19, where she studied at Amsterdam’s Rietveld Academy…

Considered to be a painter with a unique pictorial language, Lita Cabellut uses a contemporary variation on the fresco technique and her works can be found in New York, Dubai, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, Barcelona, London, Paris, Venice, Monaco and Seoul to name but a few of the world’s greatest centres of art.

Lorca by Lita Cabellut

'Lorca' by Lita Cabellut - 'Retratos' Exhibition, Marbella

Her powerful pieces, which have a highly theatrical appearance, convey both emotion and conflict. The exhibition is free of charge and is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm until 20 June. And on 14 & 15 June, the Red Penguin Gallery will be sharing their passion and knowledge about these stunning works of art with free guided visits at 12 noon, 2pm, 5pm and 7pm, offering visitors the opportunity to find out more about this fascinating artist, her inspiration, subject matter and techniques. Email to reserve your place.

The Red Penguin Gallery is located on the first floor of El Corte Inglés, El Capricho Home and Decoration, Bulevar Alfonso von Hohenlohe 2, Marbella.

After the Show by Lita Cabellut

'After the Show' by Lita Cabellut - 'Retratos' Exhibition, Marbella

Having exhibited around the world, this is the first time that Lita Cabellut has ever returned to her native Spain, not only with Retratos (Portraits) showing in Marbella, but also with Trilogía de la duda (Trilogy of Doubt) showcasing in Barcelona at the Fundació Vila Casas, Ausiàs Marc 22 until 21 July.

Designed especially with art lovers in mind, the Red Penguin Gallery is organising a cultural trip to Barcelona on 7 – 8 June, which includes a visit to the Trilogía de la duda exhibition. For more information, call the Red Penguin team on T. 664 340 107.

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