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Spain’s blue ‘wine’ falls foul of wine lobby, name to be changed

Red, white and... not blue: there is no room for blue at wine's top table, according to officials.

Red, white and… not blue: there is no room for blue at wine’s top table, according to officials.

Wine is red, white or – at a push – a frosty pink colour, right? Wrong, actually.

Well, kind of wrong. Last year five young Spaniards launched Gik – a blue-coloured wine made using a selection of Spanish grapes and infused with anthyocyacin, a natural pigment extracted from grape skin that – with a little help of natural dye derived from the woad plant – turned the drink a dazzling shade of electric blue

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Jamie Oliver’s paella twist sends Spain into a tizz

British chef Jamie Oliver's unique twist on the classic paella dish did not go down too well in Spain.

British chef Jamie Oliver’s unique twist on the classic paella dish did not go down too well in Spain.

It doesn’t take much to finger open the loose threads that unite Spain. The country can be divided on all manner of topics, from football to politics, through to bullfighting and the correct way to drink sangría…

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Here comes the squeeze: Spain’s Socialist Party faces calls to allow PP to form government

Spain's Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sanchez looks down during a news conference at the party headquarters in Madrid, Spain, September 26, 2016. REUTERS/Andrea Comas

Spain’s Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sánchez is facing calls to stand aside. He himself has called a leadership election on Oct 23.

The prospect of a third general election in the space of a year, apparently to be held on Christmas Day no less, appears to be too much for some members of the Socialist Party (PSOE) who are expected to pressure the party leader, Pedro Sánchez, to stand aside and allow the other parties to form a government…

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Three reasons to welcome the arrival of September in Spain


Take your pick: Spain’s beaches remain warm and pleasant throughout September, but are far less crowded.

For British and Irish readers – especially those who can vividly remember their school days with a shudder – the onset of September normally comes rubber-stamped with a metaphorical: “Fun’s over, guys”.

As the sky’s grey deepens, the wind whips up, the mercury tumbles and millions of ashen-faced workers and pupils traipse back to their offices and schools, the sunny memories of a summer spent frolicking on some Mediterranean beach fades with every drop of drizzle that falls from their eyelashes…

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Spaniards’ early Christmas present: a THIRD general election?


Third time’s a charm: Spaniards may have to go back to the polls on Christmas Day.

High farce left the building weeks ago. This is now in the realm of the truly bizarre: it is looking increasingly likely that Spaniards will have to go to the polls for a third time in the space of a year to vote through the general election first held on December 20 last year – and the next vote is probably going to fall on Christmas Day…

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End of August marks annual 'Operación Retorno'

There'll be less traffic on Costa del Sol roads during September.

There’ll be less traffic on Costa del Sol roads during September.

This weekend will mark the beginning of the yearly migration undertaken by thousands upon thousands of suntanned, jaded mammals on their way back to their more familiar habitats. Having swarmed en masse to southern Spain just a month or two beforehand, the time has come for them to return to their homes, routines and regular lives following their yearly sojourn in the sun. Commonly known as ‘Operación Retorno’, this is the time of year when Spaniards from the more northerly parts of the country wearily wind their way back home after living it up in the Andalusian sunshine…

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Sand-hogging and “balconing” – tackling Spain’s summer crazes

Being on holiday can be wonderfully liberating, but feeling free should not extend to feeling invincible.

One is as old as the package holiday itself, while the other is a relatively recent development that appears largely confined to a very narrow subset of British holidaymakers…

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15-year-rule to remain as Whitehall blocks change to Expat voting rights


Long-term British expats hoping to be able to vote in UK general elections look set to be disappointed as Whitehall appears to have rejected the idea to change the 15-year law.

The pledge by former British Prime Minister David Cameron to scrap the controversial 15-year-rule barring long-term British expats from voting in UK general elections looks to have been overturned by the new government…

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Spanish Socialists reject conservative government plan, extending political deadlock

Although Socialists’ leader Pedro Sánchez fears a third election, he has pretty much ruled out giving his backing or support to the PP.

Spaniards are renowned for their easy going ways and innate ability to get on with things. When the going gets tough, the Spanish power on. When the summer crowds arrive, they smile more broadly than ever. And when the mercury tops 40ºC, they seek out shade, sangría and their friends to enjoy themselves just that little bit more

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Expat Brit pensioners could be £50k worse off in event of Brexit


Brits who retire in another EU country receive the same incremental pension increases as they would if they remained in the UK. A post-Brexit landscape could look very different, however.

The current “triple-lock” pension agreement whereby British pensioners who have retired abroad in the EU see their pensions increase along with annual inflation could be a thing of the past if the UK exits the European Union, experts have warned…

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