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Deal or No Deal: Key Brexit Date Next Week


Britain’s withdrawal from the EU hangs in the balance as MPs must vote in Parliament next Tuesday. (Credit: The European Journal)

Anyone who is watching Brexit news closely, or has a vested interest in the negotiation’s outcomes, will know that after next week’s parliamentary debates and subsequent vote, the true manifestation of Britain’s European exit (or not) will become a great deal clearer

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Clocks go back this weekend (for the last time?)


Will this weekend’s time change from daylight saving to wintertime be the last one in Spain (and the rest of Europe)?

The phenomenon of adjusting the time twice a year, depending on whether we are on daylight saving (summer) time or standard (winter) time, is expected to become a thing of the past in accordance with a new EU directive. This means that this Sunday 28th October at 3am could be the last time the clocks go back from “summertime” to “wintertime” in continental Europe…
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Author: 24/10/2018 [2] Comments 
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