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Huelva and Doñana area guide: outstanding natural beauty

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Anybody fancy a four-hour drive across the wilds of Andalucía to the very southwest corner of the country and its most sparsely populated region?

A place where Europe's last remaining wild Iberian Lynxes can be found? A huge breeding ground for African flamingos and a 100,000 hectare swathe of wetland where the landscape has never been touched or shaped by human hands? Of course you do. If you want to move to Spain and experience everything that this richly diverse country has to offer, then you'll want more than just beaches, bars, Brit-themed entertainment and surly waiters – you'll want to discover Spain's vast wilderness, too.

Which is exactly what the region of Huelva and Doñana offers. A sparse, slightly backward backwater that boasts brilliant seafood, odd festivals, a fierce rivalry with neighbouring Portugal and a history that has been played out at sea, rather than on the land.

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