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What can I buy?

As property experts, VIVA can help you when it comes to looking for a property in southern Spain. As mortgage professionals, the staff at UCI can give you the best advice when it comes to taking out a mortgage in Spain.

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Properties on the Costa del Sol

Are you looking for a villa, an apartment, penthouse or a townhouse right in the middle of the action, close to the beach and surrounded by all the amenities you could possibly want? Or are you hoping to find a tranquil, rustic bolt-hole in the countryside, where you can enjoy peace and quiet in natural and beautiful surroundings? Either way, there is a mortgage available for you.

Banks distinguish between urban and rural areas when it comes to the decision on whether to grant a mortgage or not. Generally speaking, banks are more inclined to lend money to customers buying in built-up areas rather than those looking for a place in more rural locations. Land classifications are part  of the overall decision on whether to grant a loan or not. Customers should also be aware that a formal offer cannot be given until a mortgage application form has been approved.

So what can I do?

Seek expert advice is the best recommendation that we here at VIVA can give. Because buying a property is different from country to country, UCI offers the best practical advice on how things are done in Spain. Our counsel? Talk to UCI.

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Need a quote? Have a question? Get in touch with UCI: