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We offer our agent partners
a unique and dynamic revenue stream

John Hollway<br />VIVA Partnership Development Manager

John Hollway - VIVA Partnership Development Manager

What VIVA Networking is,
and how it benefits your company

Catriona Hogan<br />Marketing Director

Catriona Hogan - Marketing Director

Simple, highly effective, no cost
exciting messages for you to deliver

Martina Heynemann<br />VIVA Managing Partner

Martina Heynemann - VIVA Managing Partner

Hassle-free implementation
easy, clear and instant results

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  • Sun, sea, sand & sizzle sells...

    That's a fact, and when delivered to an inbox, as part of a great email campaign,
    there is no more effective and proven marketing tool today.

    A quick overview...

    If your business has a database of email addresses, potentially 56% of those subscribers are interested in owning a home abroad. We'd like to talk to you about that.

    We have what sells, we provide and you send... 4 simple emails to your database

    Introduction An insight into the Spanish property market,
    affirming that it's time to look at buying on the Costa del Sol.

    Information The top 10 reasons why our clients are buying a
    home and investing in Spain today.

    Invitation A no strings attached, relaxed and informative visit to
    the Costa del Sol with no obligation to buy.

    In Town, VIVA comes to your town, to meet your clients
    face-to-face and we will let them know where and when.

    Contact John Hollway for more information

    FAQs: All your questions answered

    A quick review of the most frequently asked questions about
    how our agent networking programme works for you.


    Client Registration

    + How do VIVA register my clients?

    We apply tracking codes to all the email templates we provide you with. Any client response via email is automatically registered to you. Any client visiting our website from your emails and then completing any contact form on our website and within up to 30 days is automatically registered to you.

    + How long are my clients registered with VIVA?

    We retain our referral agents as the original lead source, for a 3-year period as from the last point of recorded contact by the client within our CRM.

    + How are my clients identified?

    Any contact or enquiry received by VIVA from whatever source, is automatically cross-referenced with our database, and if previously registered to a referral agent, is then easily identified, individually or by a combination of name, email address and telephone numbers.

    + What if my clients are previously registered with VIVA?

    VIVA's database does not allow any original lead source to be altered, so if your client is already registered with another referral agent, we will immediately advise you. Alternatively, if your client has previously registered directly with VIVA, we will then register you as the Current Lead Source and will respect our commission agreement accordingly.

    + Can I provide VIVA with my whole email database to register?

    Yes, we would then cross-reference our database with yours, and advise you of any previously registered referral agent clients. Following that, we would immediately register your entire email database with you as the referral agent.



    + What is my referral commission?

    As our referral agent, we pay you a fee of 1% of the full sales price, when your registered clients buy from VIVA's own listed portfolio.

    + When do I get paid?

    We will inform you of all sales completion dates and request you to raise an invoice a minimum of 7 days in advance of those dates. All commissions are then paid within 24 hours of our receipt of funds.

    + How do I get paid?

    We pay by bank transfer. As all invoices are paid in Euros, we recommend that our non-euro based agents open an account with our currency exchange partner Moneycorp, who will ensure the best rates and onward transfer in GBP Sterling or other currencies. Alternatively, you provide us with details of any Euro-based business account you may hold.


    'No costs' - explained

    + Are there really no costs to me?

    So long as you have an existing database, and already engage in emailing it, the only cost to you will be that of sending each email, which is generally viewed as being free to send. This, however, does depend on the type of system you use and its level of sophistication.

    + I have email data but no system, so is there then a cost to me?

    If you outsource to an email service provider, yes it will involve a limited cost. Alternatively, and if you wish, we can help you with this side of things free of charge.


    'Nothing to do' - explained

    + Is there really nothing for me to do here?

    Well, we prepare the email campaign, we input all the tracking codes, and we advise you of any new client registrations. We provide reports of any and all subsequent activity with your clients, we show the properties and we sell them. But yes, you may have to bank the cheque!

    + What if VIVA comes to my town?

    If you want to take part in our 'In Town' promotions, then you may expect to be involved in some pre-agreed costs, to participate in marketing, organising and helping in our presentation at an appropriate level. We offer our referral agents several different 'In Town' options to choose from. Please contact John Hollway to find out more.

    + Is there other stuff I could do, if I wanted to?

    Yes, you could display window cards, incorporate Spain into your local advertising, have copies of HOT Properties available in your office... there's lots of stuff you can do, but it's entirely up to you. We know that our email strategy works, both in the initial and continuing processes – but everything else you may like to do always helps, too! Let's talk about that.


    A bit more about how this all works

    + Is it really as simple and easy as it looks?

    Yes it is. We know you are probably way too busy to have the time to produce a whole marketing campaign promoting Spanish property. So here it is... on a plate! We partner our experience and market knowledge with your own, and together our brands deliver, but we keep it simple and we do the work.

    + Are the results really proven?

    Yes they are. We have worked with literally hundreds of referral agents over the past two decades. If you refer, we sell. It's just a question of percentages. If you send our emails, a percentage of your clients will click through, register, visit us and buy. It doesn't fail.

    + Why are there 4 emails to send?

    That's because there's too much to say in just one email. Each of the 4 emails has a different message and its own specific purpose. It's a fact that open rates increase as more emails are received from the same source, and trust us, there is much more science on this topic. Four is the magic number for this campaign.

    + What happens when a client clicks through?

    Your client clicks through to your own dedicated and co-branded landing page within This page is headed by a message from you, with a pop-up presenting your contact details, location and synopsis of services. It's your page within our website and it's where we target your clients' registration.

    + When are emails 2, 3 & 4 sent?

    We recommend a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 30 days between emails 1 & 2, 2 & 3 and 4 is sent as appropriate to our visiting your city, town or area.

    + What about emailing my new and future email data?

    That's one of the exciting features of our programme. We recommend that you collate all your new data monthly and begin the 4-step process afresh to new data every month.

    + How do I know that my clients' data will be safe?

    Quite simply we do not touch your data, you do the mailing. VIVA is totally CAN-SPAM compliant. The Data Protection Act is central to everything we do and we take adherence to it very seriously indeed. If you have no email delivery system, we can help you with that.

    + What reports or analytics will I receive?

    We will provide monthly reports of all visitors to both your dedicated landing page and all click through activity to our main website, via the tracking codes linked to your emails. We will also provide within the same report, analytics on the conversion from visitor to registration, then to actual viewings and on to sales recorded.

    + Can I have live access to my clients' progression status?

    Yes. Subject to a monthly software licence fee of around €65 you can have real time access to all email communication with your clients, their myVIVA status, viewing records, saved properties, historical activity on visits to our website and emails received with open rates – in fact the same level of access that we ourselves have.

    + Can I email all my data?

    Yes. That's exactly what we recommend. Neither we nor you can ever predict who is a potential buyer, or where or to whom an email will be forwarded. Everyone you have an email address for is a potential buyer. It is simply the email address that matters.


    General queries

    + Will the email be relevant to my database?

    Yes. Potentially 56% of your clients would like to own a home in the sun.

    + Is the email spam compliant?

    Yes. As mentioned above, VIVA is totally CAN-SPAM compliant. The Data Protection Act is central to everything we do and we take adherence to it very seriously indeed.

    + What happens to my clients once registered?

    VIVA operates an ongoing, consistent and strategic email campaign to all registered clients on our database. Including but not limited to Weekly Property Updates, Monthly Newsletters, Blog Updates and emails targeted to segmented interests, clients are free to unsubscribe via our preference centre from any single mail type or all categories.

    + Will my client be harangued or harassed?

    Good question and the answer is absolutely no. Once registered, our policy is that of only talking to clients when they themselves ask to be spoken to. We have been showing property on our Coast for some 16 years now, and it would be completely self-defeating to engage in talking to clients without their first showing specific interest. We just don't do it. It doesn't work.

    + I thought Spain was in the dumps and nothing was selling?

    We are currently experiencing our best year for 7 years, we believe that we are at the bottom of the market, prices in our market have fallen by 50% across the board. It has been an incredibly tough market for the past 7 years, but our time has come again and all market indicators are upward pointing now.


    Who are VIVA?

    + Who are you?

    VIVA is the largest independent real estate company in Southern Spain with 16 years of experience, currently 12 offices and a further 4 offices in the planning stage for early 2014. We have sold over 13,500 properties to buyers from all over the world, as well as maintaining an active email database of over 120,000 subscribers. We have been around and doing our thing for quite a while.

    + Who have you worked in collaboration with before?

    Well, if you check our Company Profile, you'll see that we've worked with more than 350 companies who have promoted their businesses and a vast range of services through print media in our HOT Properties Magazine, our website and at a whole range of exhibitions and other marketing initiatives.

    + Do you offer other professional and after sales services?

    We solely sell homes. But we refer all our clients to every other service they could possibly require through our recommended VIVA Partners. And because our reputation is vital, we insist on the highest standards of service and professionalism at every level from all our partners.

    + Who owns VIVA Homes Under The Sun?

    VIVA Homes Under the Sun is a UK registered company; VAT registration number: 103 2356 64; and is wholly owned by its parent VIVA Homes Group Holdings Ltd, which is also a UK registered company.

    + What happens next?

    Talk to John Hollway... we have much more to offer, and for the right agent we have proven time and again that this is an exceptional process and market opportunity. But first we have to talk some more...

    Request a printable download of all our FAQs

    A bit about email marketing

    We found that this fast and eye-catching presentation pretty much says it all, about why email
    marketing is the most dynamic, highly effective and energising tool we can all use today.

    A whole new market opportunity

    Our 4-step emails will present your agency in a whole new light. This dynamic, innovative and vibrant
    set of messages will place you at the forefront of the exciting Spanish property market.

    John Hollway

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    John Hollway
    VIVA Partnership Development Manager
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