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1. In print with VIVA... In excess of 2.7 million copies printed to date

HOT Properties has long been established as the Costa del Sol's go-to property bible, with a minimum of 20,000 copies currently printed four times per year, and we now seek to once more become the monthly publication that our demand requires. In Print Proven Results


4 Issues per annum

All Partners

  • HOT & Recommended Directory Entry

Single Issue Options

  • Half Page
  • Full Page
  • Double Page
  • Featured Spread
  • HOT & Cool Editorial
  • HOT Offers & Discounts

See all the stats and facts about HOT Properties' production, distribution, readership, plus design & print costs – it's all an open book. See our In Print Rate Card

2. Online with VIVA... A targeted 1 million annual visitors to

It is not just about the highly credible presence we deliver in association with your brand, it is the fact that we do so in 7 language versions, allied to our astonishing SEO status, performance and the results that we deliver for all our Partners. Online Proven Results


It all starts with
a simple Directory Entry

Every Partner is live and online with VIVA 24/7
and all year round.

What we do is unique

Dependent on your needs and within a bespoke package online we also offer & individually deliver:

Want to know about our web visitor numbers - daily, weekly, monthly and across the year? Prepare to be amazed by our independently verified Google analytics. See our Online Rate Card

3. Outbound email... In excess of 8 million individual emails sent per year

Upbeat, friendly, helpful and fun – that’s our VIVA philosophy... and our emails are no exception. We count our outbound email traffic in the millions and every Partner – whatever their chosen package – will be placed within at least one of our email campaigns. Email Proven Results


Talk directly to
120,000 subscribers

We offer our promotional Partners
a standard rate card for a range of
alternative single mailshots

Want to know more about our email activity and general strategy? Who stays in touch, how often and why this works for all our clients? Want to know what it costs? See our Email Rate Card

4. Developing social media ... an increasingly effective marketing tool

In comparison to everything else on our site, in print, via email and within the rest of our promotional history – social media is the baby of the family - we and our recommended partners are now increasingly present and being delivered across a whole new variety of channels...

5. General exposure... VIVA is seen here, there and literally everywhere

Outside of all our print, online, email, social media and Partner activity, there’s quite a bit more associated with the VIVA brand...

What works for us, also works for you, which ultimately works to the very real benefit of all our clients.
We share all our exposure as we seek to create the perfect win / win scenario for everyone.

John Hollway

Contact John Hollway

If you think our clients and the VIVA
audience – online, in print, via email or social
media – would benefit from your business
becoming a Recommended Partner, then...

Call me now +(34) 951 27 27 84

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