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Can I add elements to my package?

Yes, our approach is to always remain flexible to our individual partner needs, we will create a bespoke package that works for you and apply an 80% discount for Corporate or Community Partners.


What's in it for VIVA?

Happy clients. We know through years of experience that collaboration with other businesses, is key to our clients not only buying successfully through us, but in terms of their satisfaction with their purchase and life on the Costa del Sol over many years to come.


Why such a big discount?

We are not in this for the money. If we have a year round commitment, we do the work required at cost, if you want short term promotion, that's fine we then charge a fair market rate.


What if I just want one of the items?

No problem, take a look at our single rate cards for a price.


Can I be promoting inside 24 hours?

Yes, we can get you a presence on the website within 24 hours and will present you with a schedule for the rest of your promotional package within 2 weeks.


How do I know that your 'figures' are for real?

We are well known for being entirely open and transparent, what we say we can prove and clearly verify if required, and our testimonials from trusted partners will also back that up.


Can I also promote VIVA in return?

Yes, however any use of our brand or any reference to VIVA must be approved with us prior to any promotion of our name or services, however, yes - we also love being recommended by others!


Am I going to get clients?

We offer dynamic exposure of your business to all the clients we engage with across all our many and varied channels of contact. No one directly communicates with as many people as VIVA so yes; your service, product or offer will reach our clients - the rest is up to you.


Are you expecting commission from me?

No. There is no requirement to pay VIVA commissions in order to be recommended.


Who else has promoted with VIVA?

More than 350+ companies have offered their wares with VIVA over 18 years. We deliver exactly what we promise and that's a fact, it is too important to us deliver anything less.

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