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Never fewer than 22,000 pages viewed daily stands alone as an incomparable resource and web portal for property buying and selling, living and lifestyle, and business trade directory offering a wealth of general information on the Costa del Sol.

Directory Entry

Directory Entry
€150 per month

It all starts with a simple Directory Entry for every partner.

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Bespoke Microsite
€495 per month
* Plus creative costs

Tailored & designed around your needs, with bespoke modules, photo galleries, and SEO targeted.

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Landing Pages

Landing Page
€325 per month
* Plus creative costs

Constructed around the services & benefits you offer and with a specific keyword SEO focus to deliver traffic.

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Content Linked

Content Links
€45 per month

We'll provide internal links as appropriate throughout our news and information pages to drive visitors to your pages.

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MyVIVA Special Offers

myVIVA Special
Offers €45 per month
* Plus creative costs

If you have an offer to our most valued clients then we will provide an outstanding presentation to you.

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Banner Impressions

Banner Impressions
€75 per month
Min 10,000 impressions

Want to do more? With fixed or animated banners we'll guarantee a minimum number of page views.

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Blog Article

Blog Article

We like to tell the background story and history of businesses on the Costa del Sol as a motivation to others.

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Digital Magazine

Digital Magazine

You're not just in print. Every month we send out over half a million emails, all linking to our digital edition.

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Hot and Cool

HOT & Cool Content

We'll take your print editorial and upload it to our website where it will work its own kind of magic.

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1 million+ visitors targeted per annum

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Terms and Conditions:

  • All prices are presented as single month only.
  • No discounts are available within online only prices.
  • First payment is strictly in advance.
  • Ongoing monthly bookings to be via direct debit.
  • Cancellation of an online insertion to be notified 30 days in advance via email to
  • VIVA cannot accept responsibility for any damages financial or otherwise that may occur due to the omission of any online insertion or any error that appears in an online entry

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