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The Costa del Sol's Property Bible

HOT Properties is the single stand out property publication brand and most respected buyer's guide the Coast has ever seen.

VIVA Recommends Directory Entry

HOT Properties Directory Entry
€325 per issue

Size: 19mm x 33mm

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Half Page

Half Page
€850 per issue

Horizontal: 190mm x 142mm
Vertical: 92mm x 290mm

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Full Page

Full Page
€1,500 per issue

Size: 230mm x 330mm

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Double Page Spread

Double Page Spread
€2,400 per issue

Size: 460mm x 330mm

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HOT & Cool Feature

A HOT & Cool Feature
€325 per issue

Size: approx 1/3rd of a page

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2,700,000 copies printed to date

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Terms and Conditions:

  • All prices are presented as single issue only.
  • No discounts are available within print only prices.
  • First issue payment is strictly in advance.
  • Following issues payment is within 30 days of receipt of invoice.
  • Booking deadline is 30 days before publication.
  • Artwork deadline is 15 working days before publication.
  • Cancellation of an advert will not be accepted less than 30 days before publication due date.
  • VIVA cannot accept responsibility for any damages financial or otherwise that may occur due to the omission of any advert or any error that appears in an advert.

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