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Sotogrande area guide: swanky and exclusive

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Is it all polo, swanky yachts, golfing in the sun and fancy clothing boutiques? Does Sotogrande somehow combine the glamour of Puerto Banús with its very own stamp of sophistication? It can certainly seem this way – residents of Sotogrande are somehow detached from the often-frenetic madness of the coast, yet still play an integral part in its social scene. The resort's swish port receives almost none of the tourist trade that so swells the coffers of Banús' bars and restaurants each summer, yet there's rarely a hint of panic at falling profits.

Sotogrande seems like it is on a higher plane, both socially and economically. The almost-clinical whiteness of the architecture in and around the resort is almost too pristine, too unlived-in. Whereas Banús and Marbella have an authenticity to them that is visible once the tourist sheen has worn off, Sotogrande can often come across as something of a prototype; a whitewashed model village torn straight from some property developer's boardroom, blown up and plonked into the real world.

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Plot in Sotogrande Alto

  • Built 2,872m²
  • 0 Beds - 0 Baths
  • Terraces N/A


Townhouse in Sotogrande

  • Built 155m²
  • 4 Beds - 3 Baths
  • Terraces 50m²


Apartment in Sotogrande Marina

  • Built 137m²
  • 2 Beds - 2 Baths
  • Terraces 15m²


Villa in Sotogrande

  • Built 320m²
  • 4 Beds - 4 Baths
  • Terraces 148m²


Townhouse in Playa en Sotogrande, Sotogrande Costa

  • Built 200m²
  • 4 Beds - 5 Baths
  • Terraces 100m²


Detached Villa in Sotogrande

  • Built 1,042m²
  • 6 Beds - 7 Baths
  • Terraces 272m²

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