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HOT Lifestyles - Masha Malka - From East to West

From the Soviet Union, to Florida to London and Vienna... Life-coach and author, Masha Malka has finally settled in Spain...

Masha Malka is a walking, talking advertisement for her profession. As a life-coach, author and seminar leader, she has certainly created her own way of life.

Born in the Soviet Union, now the Ukraine, at 17 she became a refugee in Florida with her parents and brother. "The culture shock was total. I didn't speak a word of the language - and as we had so little in the Soviet Union, the choice of goods in the shops was overwhelming!"

Once she had mastered the language, Masha studied teaching, and graduated with highest honours from the University.

She also taught children to dance, including Julio Iglesias's four little ones. She still sees his wife, Miranda, visiting her in Marbella at the superstar's country finca.

Masha met husband Doron in Florida, and was soon whisked back to Europe. "We both love the diversity of Europe, its various cultures, and the mentality of the European people. We lived in Vienna, London, and Varna in Bulgaria, before finally settling in Marbella."

During this time, the couple brought two girls into the world, and Masha found herself having to adapt to more changes. "Motherhood is magnificent, but I needed to prove myself. I believe that you can always find a way to do what you want.”

Having attended seminars by Anthony Robbins, one of the world's leading lights in motivational thinking, Masha was excited by the power of positive thinking and she took an on-line degree, studying everything from transformational thinking to accelerated learning techniques.

Before long, she was creating her own transformational ideas - with her e-book, Discover Your Inborn Genius, and her coaching courses for companies and individuals.

"Success happens from the inside out. A coach is there to offer encouragement - and to help you recognise what you already know. Success, happiness and self-esteem go hand-in-hand. Circumstances can always be overcome." she asserts.

“Success, happiness and self-esteem go hand in hand.”

Widely respected in her field, Masha's 12-week Holistic Success Programme is full of inspirational, insightful information and techniques for achieving fulfilment. Her students' testimonials positively ooze appreciation and she has worked with many leading businesses on the Costa del Sol.

In terms of lifestyle, Masha is happy to have found Marbella. "I have travelled the world, and lived in six countries, and I have not seen a better lifestyle! It's a unique combination of beautiful scenery with a fantastic year-round climate, and people who are always ready to have fun!"

Currently living near the beach in San Pedro, west of Marbella, she is content in the neighbourhood. "I live 200 metres from the beach and a beautiful boardwalk, and have a tennis club across the road. There are playgrounds for kids, two international schools, and lots of good restaurants. And in the centre of San Pedro, you can still find hairdressers and coffee shops with the prices we paid in the peseta days! Our girls Veronica and Julia are enjoying life here very much on summer camps, and swimming".

While Doran is busy with his telecommunications company, Masha is working on her book, The One Minute Coach. "I just got back from a Mega Book Marketing even in Orlando, Florida, hosted by best-selling author of Chicken soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen. I got excellent feedback on my book, which gave me the determination to have it published as soon as possible."

"I haven't seen a better lifestyle!"

"When I have a boost in business creativity, Miami is great. But when I need a reminder of what life is really about, Marbella is unbeatable!"

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HOT Properties Issue 63 - 2006

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