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HOT & Funky - Flamenco fashion with attitude

Frills, polka dots, flamboyant colours and an hour-glass shape? Unless you're on more than merely nodding acquaintance with flamenco dresses, that's the stereotype that probably springs to mind. And while it may seem a little unusual that folklore fashion is cutting edge too, with its own dedicated catwalk shows, it reinvents itself year on year...

Forget the little dress and killer heels. Turning heads at the Coast's summer ferias calls for an entirely different approach.

It's feria season on the Costa del Sol. And time to get dressed up to the nines

The 20th century had various surprises in store for Andalucia's landed gentry. One of which, in a delectable twist of irony, was that everyday clothing worn by agricultural workers would become synonymous with fiestas and glamour, because the poise, grace and femininity of countrywomen - especially gypsies - captivated the well-heeled of the era. Livestock fairs morphed into the fun-loving ferias that we know and love today, and those rustic garments became their emblem.

In 1929, during Sevilla's world-famous Exposición Iberoamericano, the basis of flamenco fashion had already been firmly established. With only the slightest of adaptations, its distinctive form endured for various decades, the only differences depending on the purpose for which the costumes had been designed - for romerias, professional dancers or for ferias.

The classical flamenco dress with its cut so evocative of the shape of a guitar gradually materialised: the neckline, sleeves, the number of frills and even the length of the skirt slowly developing over time.

In the 70s, hemlines rose to the knee and fluorescent tones were all the rage. The satin bows, exaggerated frills, ornate accessories and loud colour combinations reflecting the excesses of the 80s gave way to a new decade of serenity and a simpler less-is-more look.

The turn of the century was a defining milestone when slowly-evolving traditions were suddenly overtaken by the very last word in fashion. The most unlikely of fabrics - even denim - were introduced. Frocks were replaced with skirts and bodices. Skimpy boleros and trousers were added, and this time hemlines crept up to the calf. Neutral accessories were the order of the day while new collection pieces took centre stage.

Flamenco fashion had grown so much in stature that in 1995, the launch of the SIMOF Show meant it now even had its own runway. A prestigious, must-visit event for the sector, it annually attracts a distinguished line up of designers both up-and-coming as well as eminently renowned. Arid in 2005, the definitive establishment of an industry which turned over €100 million resulted in the founding of the MOF&ART association.

These days, as with bridal wear, there are no hard and fast rules. The designer label and style you opt for is simply a matter of personal choice. All you need is the passion and the desire to show off your beautifully authentic Andalusian creation.

With its own dedicated catwalk shows, cutting edge flamenco fashion continues to reinvent itself year after year.

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HOT Properties Magazine Issue 85 - 2009

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