Most popular Costa del Sol areas in 2019

Some you'll guess... others you won't

OK, so what can you expect from today’s edition of the year in numbers? Well, we’ve studied the number of online visits to determine what were the 10 most popular Costa del Sol areas in 2019 and we think you’ll find the results quite surprising. Let’s kick it off…

1.  Benalmádena

The original Costa del Sol tourist resort and home buying destination. Popular with foreigners since the late 1960s – when nearby Málaga airport was first inaugurated and sun-seekers came in their droves – the town has not looked back. It has enjoyed years of development and is, today, home to thousands of residents of many different nationalities.

Perhaps it is because of this history that so many people associate it with the Costa del Sol. Regardless, to find out more about the quaint old hillside town (Benalmádena Pueblo) and the beachfront resort with high-rise buildings and its emblematic marina (Benalmádena Playa), check out our...

Benalmádena Area Guide

2.  Fuengirola

Just ten kilometres down the coast from the aforementioned Benalmádena lies Fuengirola, a buzzing metropolis with a vast, sandy beach that draws in visitors from all over the world.

It’s the perfect place to go for dinner and drinks on a budget and has lots of night life and places to while the night away for younger people seeking a livelier atmosphere. Take a look at what we say about it in our...

Fuengirola Area Guide

3.  Mijas Costa

It’s no surprise that Mijas Costa is high up on this list, given that it actually includes several other “sub-areas”, if you like. La Cala de Mijas (number 7 on this list), El Faro (number 10 on this list), Riviera del Sol and Calahonda are just some of the areas that are covered by its remit.

All of which are less than half an hour from the airport and, as such, have a very international populace. Holiday homes and investment properties are rife, since property prices tend to be lower than in the municipality of Marbella and the tourist demand is consistently high year after year.

Want to find out more? Take a look at our...

Mijas Costa Area Guide

4.  Estepona

Yes, Estepona makes it in just before Marbella! A favourite for foreigners as an alternative to the Starlite city (a name I just invented, referring to Marb’s annual music festival), Estepona is a picturesque town that has managed to retain its essence of a small Andalusian fishing village.

Simply a gorgeous place to visit, let alone live year-round, we’ve made a video (that we hope does it justice) as part of our...

Estepona Area Guide

5.  Marbella

“Finally!”, you’re thinking. “Yes, for sure, Marbella had to appear on this list, but why so far down?” Well, there could be any number of reasons for this, including the fact that the four preceding areas are extremely popular property buying locations

To take a walk around Marbella with a presenter and take a look at what there is to see and do there, go to our...

Marbella Area Guide

6.  Mijas Pueblo

Anyone who’s ever been up to Mijas Pueblo – I say up because it’s a seven-kilometre ascent into the hills above Fuengirola – will realise why this is a completely justified position for the typical Andalusian town turned municipal capital.

The views alone are simply stunning. And then there are the donkey rides, walking trails, wine bodegas, museums, restaurants serving locally sourced food… Read all about it in our...

Mijas Pueblo Guide

7.  La Cala de Mijas

Popular with English-speaking tourists since the dawn of time, La Cala de Mijas is awash with bars, restaurants, snack bars and, down on its attractive seafront, chiringuitos (beach bar/restaurants) that make it a well-established social hub for expats on the Coast (including myself).

If you’re looking for a large new build and second-hand property supply and want to be near the beach as well as multiple golf courses, you can do no better than La Cala, as it’s commonly known.

If you want to find out what benefits it could bring to you and your property search, have a look at our...

La Cala de Mjas Area Guide

8.  La Duquesa

The only western-Sunshine Coast location to feature our list of the most popular Costa del Sol areas in 2019, La Duquesa is the pretty port area close to Sabinillas, around 12 kilometres from Estepona.

Sometimes dubbed “New Puerto Banús”, it’s not as showy – or expensive – as its jet-set cousin. There is, however, loads to do, see and eat; and you won’t burn a hole in your wallet going for lunch and a vino

Check out this splendid marina in our...

La Duquesa Area Guide

9.  Elviria

I’d wager that our web users searched Elviria a lot this year because they wanted to know more out about a place that’s within easy reach of Marbella yet has its own top-class amenities and a thriving property market. Tick.

From its beautiful stretch of coastline – that runs past the fashionable beach club Nikki Beach – to the more tranquil and peaceful heights of Elviria Hills and its golf courses, Elviria genuinely offers something for everyone.

If you want to see what tickles your fancy, check out our...

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10.  El Faro

Perhaps the surprise package of this list. One of the areas that make up Mijas Costa, as I mentioned before, El Faro is the small, yet charming, zone around the iconic lighthouse just before you reach Fuengirola.

Although limited in size, its properties are held in high esteem and it’s a very sought-after postcode indeed. Find out more in our...

El Faro Area Guide

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