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The VIVA Customer Services team

If you're looking for clear, concise information on every aspect of moving to, living, buying and selling property on the Costa del Sol, then the VIVA Customer Services team certainly know their stuff when it comes to advice, help and follow-up.

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"We won't contact you, unless you ask us to."

Having handled literally thousands of queries on every aspect of our services over the years, we operate a no unsolicited contact policy with our clients because our experience shows us that when the time is right for you to request information or to visit the Costa del Sol, you will let us know. That's when our Customer Services team spring into action.

We are acutely aware that, particularly during the Costa del Sol property boom of the mid 2000s, many companies hounded anyone who had left their contact details in good faith, with an array of largely internet- and external exhibition-based agents.

But we won't contact you unless you ask us to. To be honest, we don't have the time to be calling at all hours of the day and night, and nor would you want us to! Scattergun telemarketing is simply not our style.

What we will do is dedicate any amount of time you require to answer each and every question you may have, and if we don't have the answer then we'll put you in touch with someone who does. We've been helping our clients in this way for a long time now and we take great pride in the service we offer.

Please feel free to email the Customer Services team with any questions you have, because irrespective of the topic or issue, or how small a matter it may seem… we love to help and it's what we're here for!

If you would like to know more or hear from us further please email us at

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