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HOT Art - Flowing Glass Forms

Marvel at the fabulous organic shapes and vivid colours of the contemporary glass art on show at the Norton Gallery in Guadalmina from Charlie MacPherson and Amanda Notarianni...

Specialising in startlingly original works of art crafted in one of the most versatile materials on earth - glass - this month, the Norton Gallery welcomes two fascinating artists to exhibit their beautiful pieces. "Whether you are looking for a gift, or an investment, hand-crafted, individually signed works of art in glass are both aesthetically-pleasing and functional," says gallerist Suzanne Norton.

You will be mesmerised by concentric circles, spirals and an array of optical illusions created in the works on view. With names like Chunky Dizzy Spiral Vase, how can you resist the state-of-the-art glass objects gracing the exhibition space of the warm and welcoming Norton Gallery...

Charlie MacPherson creates glass forms inspired by the simplicity, harmony and balance of Japanese architectural aesthetics. He achieves the finished results by manipulating the hand-blown molten glass, then polishing up to six times, and sand-blasting the piece to effect a contrast of textures. Subtle colour and intricate cane inclusions are trade marks of his style. Charlie points out that the finished pieces change as the observer moves around them, while retaining the clarity intended.

Charlie's career has given him the opportunity to exhibit in many leading galleries, exhibitions and corporate collections, including the Open Eye, Edinburgh, The Manchester Art Show and the permanent collection at the Glass Centre of Leerdam, Holland.

Also exhibiting is the talented Amanda Notarianni, who takes her inspiration from sculptural microscopic images found in many forms of nature. Skillful cutting and polishing of the glass allows Amanda to reveal textures and reflections which play with perspective. When she is creating, Amanda says she feels "such an adrenalin rush, as the liquid glass is hot and dangerous. You have to work quickly, and the results are instant," she comments.

With a long list of exhibitions to her name, including prestigious appearances at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Oxo Tower, a place in the permanent collection of the Merseyside Museum, along with dozens of galleries and fine art centres, Amanda's work has also been awarded with accolades such as the Prince's Trust Achievement Award and the Nesta Fellowship.

Contact Information
The Norton Gallery, Centro Comercial Guadalmina, 4, Bloq 2, local 25
Tel: 952 880 463

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HOT Properties Magazine Issue 63 - 2006

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