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HOT Art - LUIS GORDILLO   Driven to Abstraction

Luis Gordillo is one of Spain's most influential painters and a leading abstract artist on both the national and international stage. His work is showcased in many leading galleries across Europe and the US, and his latest exhibition can be seen at the prestigious GACMA Gallery in Málaga (Galeria de Arte Contemporoneo de Málaga) until 14 November. Entitled simply, ‘XX1’, it represents the evolution of his work in the 21st century...

Gordillo's career began almost 50 years ago, in 1959, when his very first exhibition took place in Sevilla, the city of his birth, and in July of this year, he reached the pinnacle of his achievements when he received the illustrious VI Velazquez Fine Arts Prize (the art world's equivalent of the Cervantes Prize for Literature) from the King and Queen of Spain. Speaking at the ceremony, he talked about the influences on his artistic style and the good and bad times during his long and eminent career.

The early years were the most troubled and Gordillo often felt that painting was literally like wading through mud because of an overriding feeling of insecurity which has stayed with him throughout his life. Eventually, he learned to turn these feelings around and to use them in a positive way to inspire his paintings. One of the main influences on Gordillo's work was his period of psychoanalysis, relatively early on in his career, when his art began to explore the significance and connections between internal thoughts, experience and aesthetic expression. His canvases started to contain figurative elements as early as 1962 and later led to his use of the unconventional methods associated with Pop Art during the 1970s. Gordillo, however, is best known for his abstract work which dominated his art in the 1990s and has continued to do so in the last few years. When he received the 2007 Velazquez Prize, the artist was clear that abstract is his preferred style and the genre with which he feels most comfortable.

In his current exhibition at the GACMA, Gordillo experiments with different techniques and a range of materials - oils, collage, acrylic on canvas and simple pencil drawings. His philosophy that his work is always 'a work in progress' and never reaches a truly 'finished' state is clear and some of the highlights of the showcase are those works which bring together diverse styles, such as the informal and the geometric.

When King Juan Carlos presented Gordillo with the Velazquez Prize, the monarch revealed his admiration for the artist's work and his power to reveal the secret of what it means to be human. For one of Spain's most enduring artists it was the ultimate accolade.

III Entitled XXI, the Luis Gordillo exhibition continues until 14 November 2007 at the Galeria GACMA, C/Fidias, 48-50, Porque Empresarial Santa Barbara, Málaga Tel: 952 245 855 -
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HOT Properties Magazine Issue 77 - 2007

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