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Image & Imagination - Heavenly Bodies

With state-of-the-art photographic studios both in Southport, Merseyside, and in Marbella, Yaffé Fusion Art is renowned for transporting the portraiture genre into a whole new realm with its exquisite studies of children, babies, men, women, couples and family pets. Unveiled last autumn, Undressed is a natural progression…

Report: Carolyn Mowlem

Unless you possess the ultimate body beautiful, bags of confidence and all the poise of a front cover model, getting undressed for a professional photo shoot may well have been a step too far. But then that would have been before you met Paul Yaffé, who founded Yaffé Fusion Art in 1967, and about whom the Master Photographers Association were moved to comment, “Through his leadership and example, Yaffé inspires the production of great and artistic images of people. His standing in the UK and the rest of Europe is sky high. Yaffe is the standard by which other photographers are measured."

Through his leadership and example, Yaffé inspires the production of great and artistic images of people.

Compelling & utterly original photographic art

Relaxed, witty and affable, Yaffe says, “You have to be a bit of a chameleon, actor and psychologist in order to connect quickly, put people at their ease and to capture and reflect their personalities”, something that he and his experienced team of 32 photographers and artists are extraordinarily adept at achieving. Familiar with Fusion Art’s captivating portraits, most of their clients already know that subtle skin polishing and body reshaping techniques can slim down thighs and tummies as if by magic, as well as accentuating both feminine curves and six-pack abs. So when individuals or loved up couples are the stars of their very own Undressed photo shoot, it’s only too easy simply to chill out, enjoy, and go with the flow.

Compelling & utterly original photographic art

Adhering to the maxim that being partially dressed is more visually sensual than baring all, most clients choose alluring underwear for the session - in essence, little more revealing than if you were in a bikini. If you prefer, you can of course strip off completely, in which case, discreetly arranged arms and legs will ensure you’re not left feeling, well, over exposed. “Nude images are the most technically demanding of all,” Yaffé explains. “So, without any clothes to create shape, we instead use careful lighting to emphasize the silhouette and sculpt the body.”

Compelling & utterly original photographic art

With a career spanning more than 40 years, and having photographed a multitude of children, adults of all ages and from all walks of life, and a host of celebrities around the world, Yaffé and his highly trained team are passionate about creating absolutely stunning images of their clients, intuitively mirroring each individual’s own singularly personal style. They are also only too happy to offer expert advice on their subjects’ choice of clothes for the session, to make them feel at home in front of the camera and to help ensure that they get the utmost out of their shoot.

Compelling & utterly original photographic art

The portraits themselves, consist of various images and design features captured separately on camera, then digitally enhanced before being artistically layered and fused together to create a compellingly beautiful and utterly original piece of artwork which, at the cutting-edge of technical and aesthetic innovation, can be presented either as a wall panel destined to become the focal point of whichever room in which it is hung, or alternatively in an album, for your eyes only.

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HOT Properties Magazine Issue 79 - 2007

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