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MÁLAGA FERIA - the biggest and the best!

One of the most passionate, vibrant and colourful annual ferias is held in Málaga for nine days every August, and takes place this year between the 16th and 24th August 2008...

This fabulous Andalusian feria was originally held to celebrate the re-conquering of the city of Málaga in 1487 by 'Los Reyes', Isabella and Ferdinand, and is now one of the biggest street parties in Spain.

Many of the revellers arrive on horseback, wearing traditional dress and make their way to the centre of town, passing crowds of people dancing in the streets. Even in the daytime, the bars and restaurants are festooned with bunting and banners to leave visitors in no doubt how much this annual event means to the locals.

My friends and I always take a trip to the feria during the daytime which is just as raucous as the evening, with all the usual attractions taking place through the streets. One of the most beautiful spectacles is the horse procession, where the riders show off their skills and the horses turn out in all their feria finery.

Last year we took the train from Fuengirola to Málaga, which is a comfortable way of travelling, and also gives you peace of mind if you are likely to over-indulge with the find sherry and sangria which is liberally served throughout the main square. The train takes about 40 minutes, and when you disembark, you only need to follow the crowds to find out where the fun is.

Málaga is the type of city you can visit again and again, and you will always discover something new. Apart from the excellent Picasso Museum, the magnificent cathedral and elegant houses, the city also boasts some of the finest tapas bars and restaurants you will find in Andalucia. Two of the most famous are Refectorium and Adolfo.

Located behind the bullring in C/Cervantes, Refectorium becomes hectic during any bullfight, filling up with fans and often, after the fight, with the matadors too. Typical Málaga favourites are served. Tel: 952 218 990.

Situated on Málaga's Paseo Maritimo, Adolfo has an enviable reputation for excellent food and service. Fresh game and seafood are specialities. Tel: 952 601 914.

The evening celebrations take place at the fairground, and rides, sideshows and casetas jostle for position while thousands of fun-seekers dance the night away to some of the best live bands in Spain. At least one night during the feria, the attractions and sideshows open early and charge reduced prices for the smaller kids —ensuring everyone can join in the fun.

Málaga Feria is not for the faint-hearted, and if you prefer a quiet time, the city is probably best avoided during this time. If, on the other hand you want a change from the pool and the beaches, and you fancy joining in one of the liveliest annual celebrations in Spain, then there is no better way to spend a day or two than dancing, drinking and merrymaking with the crowds in Málaga City.

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HOT Properties Issue 82 - 2008

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