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Sunny Side Up on the Costa del Sol

Indisputably in a league of its own, the Costa del Sol has an uncanny knack of getting under your skin and stealing your heart. All things to all people, of every age and outlook, its whatever you want it to be... and so much more besides!...


But don't take our word for it, just ask any one of the hundreds of thousands of foreign residents already living here, the overwhelming majority of whom, despite - or maybe even because of the current global economic downturn, wouldn't want to be anywhere else on earth. It's funny how even the gloomiest of headlines seem slightly less depressing when you're reading the newspaper by the side of the pool, before heading off for a round of golf, or a lazy afternoon at a chic beach club!...

Relish the delicious, all-pervading sense of wellbeing and the sheer joy of being alive!

Of course, the sun, sea and sand are partly responsible for that delicious, all-pervading sense of wellbeing and the sheer joy of being alive. But that's only the beginning. The Costa del Sol is a heady and intoxicating mix of contrasts, combining breathtaking scenery with vibrant towns and cities, cultural attractions with sports and leisure facilities second to none, plus shopping, restaurants and nightlife the equal of any European city. A social whirl of events... or the peace and quiet of rural solitude — the choice is yours.

From the tiniest of toddlers... to seniors in search of a carefree and well-earned retirement, everyone is in seventh heaven on the Coast.

Children thrive in the Costa del Sol's family-friendly environment, benefiting not only from quality education, but every bit as importantly they also enjoy a fit, healthy and active outdoor lifestyle that's infinitely more exciting and rewarding than whiling away the hours on game sites and internet chatrooms!

Blessed with an enviable climate and the lifestyle you've always promised yourself and your family, the Costa del Sol is light years away from the monotony of grey skies and traffic jams — but little more than a couple of hours from most Northern European airports. So whenever you have a spare weekend, it couldn't be easier to make the very most of relaxing, sun-drenched breaks guaranteed to recharge your batteries like never before.

It also comes as no surprise that with plenty of low cost airlines flying into Málaga airport, countless professionals and entrepreneurs are able to relish the pleasures of quality time spent on the Coast, commuting to their businesses back 'home' only when the need arises, and thanks to broadband, still keeping their finger on the pulse at all times. With a solid business plan in place, others are also discovering that — with very attractive rental agreements on offer, and a willing and enthusiastic workforce on tap — now is the perfect opportunity to launch a new business right here.

The Costa del Sol is, quite simply, the only place to be

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HOT Properties Magazine Issue 83 - 2009

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