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Three tips for staying cool as summer arrives in Spain

Author:   |  May 30th, 2017

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Keeping cool in Spain this summer is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Keeping cool in Spain this summer is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

As temperatures across much of Europe soared to 30ºC last weekend – with even London joining in – thoughts have inevitably turned to summer: how best to enjoy it, where to spend it, who to spend it with and, for some, how to keep cool during the scorching season.

If you live, own a property, or plan to holiday in Spain this summer then you will know that the country enjoys some of the finest summer weather on the planet. But during the really hot days of late June to August – when the mercury regularly tickles 40ºC – it can often be a chore finding ways to keep one’s cool.

Handily, there are more than 40 million Spaniards at your fingertips who can give you the inside track on keeping chilled; after all, they’ve been doing it for centuries.

And if you don’t have time to ask your favourite Spaniards how they keep their summer cool, then follow these three simple tips instead…

  1. Embrace gazpacho

Not literally, of course (unless you want to begin your own La Tomatina festival a few months early), but by adding gazpacho to your summer diet you will immediately have a healthy, handy go-to lunch or dinner that will allow you to dodge the sweat beads.


Gazpacho can be ready bought in supermarkets, or a simple homemade recipe can do the trick, too. The cold tomato soup is deceptively filling, low in calories but high on energy, meaning a mid-sized lunchtime serving will keep you on the go until late into the evening.


  1. Early to rise, late to bed

It may sound exhausting to get up early and go to bed as late as the Spaniards, but there is a reason for these stretched hours during the summer. If you can be up and out before, say, 8am, you get to enjoy at least a couple of mercifully cooler hours before the sun is too high in the sky.


Equally, once the sun sets in the evening, much of Spain comes out to play in the balmy twilight hours – the perfect time for al fresco dining and drinks in your favourite plaza. But how will you find the energy, we hear you ask? That’s rather simple: take a siesta! There is nothing more Spanish, nor refreshing, than a nap in a cool, shaded place in the middle of a hot day.

  1. Find water

Even in the tightly knit heart of Seville’s Old Town – a beautiful tangle of narrow alleyways, cool trinket stores and inviting bodegas – you will find water almost everywhere. From fountains in courtyards to small but refreshing rooftop pools, the people of Seville may live in Europe’s hottest city – and a landlocked one to boot – but they appreciate the cooling value of a splash of fresh water.


On the Costa del Sol, your task is far easier. Sure, the coastal winds mitigate the temperatures somewhat, but in the summer you will be staring at 30ºC+ temperatures most days, so head to the sea, the pool, the fountains as often as you can – but don’t forget that suntan lotion!

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