Selling your Costa del Sol property

If you own a home in southern Spain and you’re looking to upscale, downsize or free yourself of your real estate asset, you may be asking yourself what steps you need to take to sell your Costa del Sol property.

In this post, I’ll tell you how you can do that with VIVA, as well as some general advice about associated fees and tips on how you can facilitate the selling process.

Before you start

The first step, without a doubt, is deciding you want to put your property on the market. Of course, every vendor’s personal situation is different - so the need to sell may be pressing or not - but committing to selling your home and actively working to achieve that goal must come from you. 

If this is the case, your next step is to contact an estate agent.

Listing your property

Once you’ve decided that now’s the time to sell up, you’ll want to have your property listed with an estate agent who can give you astute advice on getting your price right and gain maximum exposure throughout the selling process.

VIVA is by far the largest listing agent on the Costa del Sol and specialises in all manner of property listings from apartments and villas to plots, commercial units and hotels. The listing service at VIVA it's free of charge.

How To Sell Your Costa del Sol Property. When selling your Costa del Sol property, visibility and exposure are crucial.

Multi-agent networking

Unlike in other countries, it is common to run a multiple-listing estate agency system in Spain. This means that significantly more agents can tour clients at your property via a VIVA representative, which normally results in a faster sale… which ultimately works to the advantage of our vendors.

With many years helping vendor clients sell their properties behind us, VIVA is proud to collaborate with over 1,500 reputable real estate agents on the Costa del Sol to help your home reach every nook and cranny of the Coast in a system called multi-agent networking.


When selling your Costa del Sol property, visibility and exposure are crucial. For a market leader like VIVA, it is in other (smaller) agents’ interests to make use of VIVA’s superior market presence and marketing potential. That is to say, we are present on all the major international property portals, so your property has a potential global audience of millions

What's more, our team of marketing professionals take care of professional photography and cutting-edge imagery, as well as email marketing to our database of 120,000 subscribers and presenting your home on all the main social media channels.

Vendor services

As well as having your Costa del Sol property seen by as many users as possible, which logically converts to more viewing visits, you'll also want to deal with a reputable company and have all your selling needs bundled into one single package and pay one single fee.  

This is where the VIVA Vendor Services Team comes in! Our dedicated team of experienced professionals liaise with vendors every single day to help them sell their homes and offer advice on how to list their property in the way that best meets their individual needs.

We also pride ourselves on offering very competitive fee levels – some of the lowest on the Coast – whilst also providing superior quality services.

For more information relating to the range of different products we can offer you to sell your Costa del Sol property, check out our VIVA Vendors Packages or Get your free Costa del Sol Property Valuation Report.

Once on the market

Once your property is on the market, it is worth taking a few recommendations into account.

Firstly (and this may sound obvious) make sure your home is tidy and free of excess clutter. This applies just as much to when the photographer comes round to take photos (or a 3D virtual reality scan) as it does to whenever potential buyers visit your home. It's a small time investment on your part, but the rewards are huge.

Although touring clients may be able to envisage what your property looks like empty or with their own furniture, the presentation of your home can be maximised by simply opening windows to let natural light in, making all the beds, de-cluttering spare rooms to make them look more spacious and inviting, seeing to the garden, or repairing anything that's obviously broken.

How To Sell Your Costa del Sol Property. Small time investment on your part, but the rewards are huge.

Evidently, this can be more difficult if it is not your main residence or you have tenants at the property... Which is why our next piece of advice is always keep the lines of communication open with the estate agent in order to best coordinate viewings at the property. Giving you the best assurances that your property will get sold means having access when it is convenient for potential buyers.

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that, in order to sell your Costa del Sol property, you must be realistic

Realistic in terms of the price you want to sell for compared to other similar homes in the same area; realistic in terms of how long it can expect to be on the market (this can depend on a number of factors and, after all, selling property is not like selling cupcakes!); and realistic in terms of what feedback potential buyers might give about your property