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Yes-tember! The ninth, and some say finest, month arrives in Spain

Author:   |  September 4th, 2017

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September is a good month in which to explore parts of the Costa del Sol you may have missed.

September is a good month in which to explore parts of the Costa del Sol you may have missed.

#AutumnIsComing – a trending hashtag on Twitter at this time of year, tapped with trepidation on to the screens of social media users right across Europe, aghast that their long, lazy summer of beach cocktails, rooftop parties and summer dresses is to come to an end at the stroke of midnight on August 31…

But not only does this phobia of September jump the gun somewhat – after all, the hottest day in the UK last year fell not in July or August, but yes, in September – but it also overlooks the fact that September is indeed many people’s favourite month of the year.

We at VIVA write about this most years; a happy reminder of the fact that for expats, immigrants and Spaniards living on the Costa del Sol, September is a glorious month for many reasons: the weather is still hot and sunny but not too scorching; the beaches are still busy but not too packed, and the buzz of living in a holiday resort strikes a perfect balance between vibrancy and accessibility.

Gone are the crowds of August. The wildfires and heatwaves of July. The lack of sleep brought on by the long days of June. Instead, September treats southern Spaniards to four weeks of stress-free fun, allowing locals and holidaymakers alike to fully enjoy and appreciate the natural and man-made attractions of the Costa del Sol.

It means the roads are relatively free from traffic, making it a breeze to head to the hills, up or down the coast, or simply head out to enjoy the open road. It brings lower prices in many resorts now that the kids are all back in school. It delivers warm evenings that combine the sunshine of July with the relaxed cosiness of October.

And best of all, it means that you can continue to gloat about your life in, or trip to, Spain, safe in the knowledge that your buddies back home are unlikely to be enjoying superior weather or lifestyles.

So don’t fear September or the slow onset of Autumn – embrace it and it will embrace you back!

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