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Three reasons to welcome the arrival of March

Author:   |  March 7th, 2018

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Bounce into Spring win Spain by experiencing the warm joys of life on the Costa del Sol.

Bounce into Spring in Spain by experiencing the warm joys of life on the Costa del Sol.

In northern Europe recently, the “Beast from the East” swept a wave of freezing air across numerous countries, with Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK experiencing temperatures plunging to minus 10ºC. And it was almost March…

Little wonder, then, that thoughts among sun-starved and warmth-deprived Northern Europeans are turning to their summer holidays. But why wait until summer? March is as good a time as any to explore what Spain has to offer, and while the weather might not be scorching, it is certainly a whole lot better than anywhere else on the continent right now.

Here are three reasons why the arrival of March heralds a happy time for Spain…


Long days, outdoor living
Although Spain cannot offer the kind of endless summer nights you get in the more northern regions of Europe, it does at least boast bright and long days in March. The onset of the month may still be a bit chilly in places, but down on the Costa del Sol one can usually guarantee sunny skies at this time of year – and it’s also warm enough to reinvigorate al fresco living.

Indeed, many of the best outdoor pursuits available on the Costa del Sol are more enjoyable in March and April than later in the year, chiefly because it’s not too hot to, say, climb La Concha mountain or go for a historical walking tour of Seville or Málaga.


Great time to buy
Property sales peak in the summer months when heads have been turned by the memories of long, lazy and sun-kissed holidays. But savvy buyers should try home shopping in March. There are a few good reasons for this. Estate agents tend not to be quite so busy, so they have time to really show you the widest portfolio. The weather is nice enough to give you a feel for what your potential new home will be like in the summer, and cool enough so you can assess how cosy it feels when the evenings draw in.

And because the analysts, economists and experts have been able to crunch the numbers on January’s sales data, the industry has a good understanding of where the market will be heading for the year.


Eat fresh, eat new
New Year’s resolutions are difficult precisely because they tend to deprive one of some sort of joy – sedentary living, foodstuffs, alcohol – at the most miserable time of year.

March may in fact be the best time to instill some discipline into your diet, or variety into your routine. In southern Spain, this time of year brings a steady supply of fresh harvest from the region, and as the days lengthen and the mercury rises, your body begins crying out for lighter, healthier meals – so give it what it wants and experience March with a spring in your step.

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