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UK’s X Factor show brings summer auditions to Spain for 2018

Author:   |  April 6th, 2018

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Two locations, two dates, two chances for expats in Spain to impress the X Factor talent scouts.

Two locations, two dates, two chances for expats in Spain to impress the X Factor talent scouts.

Still one of the world’s most anticipated singing talent shows, the X Factor UK proves a big draw across Britain as thousands of hopefuls line up in shopping malls, out-of-town retail parks and theatre halls waiting for their chance to wow, confuse or downright amuse the judges with their ability, or lack thereof…

And now, for the first time ever, this format is coming to Spain, with the X Factor UK producers announcing that talent scouts will be headed to Benidorm and Tenerife this weekend as the world-famous competition seeks to tap into the talents of the world-famous expat communities of Spain.

Of course, Spain has its own singing and talent TV shows, but they typically tend to only focus on Spanish nationals or those fluent in Spanish. By bringing the format from the UK over to Spain, not only may producers unearth a couple of new stars, but the sunny backdrops of both Benidorm and Tenerife will make for perfect escapist TV when the show airs at the beginning of autumn.

According to ITV and Simon Cowell’s record label Syco, the first audition will be held on Saturday at renowned karaoke bar Voices Benidorm, with the second audition pencilled in for next Tuesday, April 10, at St Eugen’s bar in Tenerife.

According to The Mirror newspaper, the X Factor team has decided to cast its net farther and wider this year in the search for musical talent.

“With Benidorm having a huge expat community, the mobile audition tour encompasses that,” an ITV source said.

Spain has been a long-standing backdrop during the X Factor years, as Marbella is the location of one of Simon Cowell’s luxurious villas, meaning the Costa del Sol’s glorious, summery landscapes are showcased every year at the Judges’ Houses Stage of the show.

Which leads one to wonder why the producers did not advertise for auditions in the Costa del Sol, given its large and varied expat community. Nevertheless, the inclusion of Spain as a hunting ground for talent serves as a reminder of the close cultural ties between these two nations.

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