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Málaga’s Christmas Lights Switched on This Evening

Author:   |  November 30th, 2018

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The view you can expect to see at tonight’s switching-on ceremony and every day from now until “Three Kings Day” on 6th January.

If you have been listening closely, the looped nineties background music in department stores and supermarkets has been relegated to the shelves for the next month or so, making way for seasonal compilations of catchy Christmas songs. That is usually the first sign that Christmas is on its way…

Well, it was. Now that Black Friday has ignited a trend of frenzied, earlier-than-ever-before Christmas shopping, we are being conditioned to start thinking about the holiday season as soon as November.

Regardless, if you live on the Costa del Sol or you normally visit around this time of year, one of the events that will undoubtedly appear in your diary – especially if you have children – is the switching on of the Christmas lights in Málaga city centre.


Málaga city centre takes on a new, festive guise with the addition of the Christmas lights.

This year’s turning-on ceremony takes place this evening at 7pm in Plaza de la Constitución and on the main shopping boulevard, Calle Larios, and the spectacle is expected to be bigger, better and brighter than in previous years.

Málaga City Council, who are footing the bill for the event and the on-going light shows (which run until 6th January 2019), have invested over €730,000 in this seasonal endeavour.


Winter tourism in Málaga is helped by the Council’s initiative.

Part of this cost, of course, is economical speculation on their part, to be balanced out by the influx of tourist spending before, during and after the spectacular light shows, which will take place every day at 6.30pm, 8pm and 9.30pm and be complemented by short Christmas carol singing performances.

Other innovations this year include a children’s party in Plaza de las Flores, where balloons will be handed out to the kids in attendance, and the distribution of 10,000 light sticks so that attendees can interact with the music that will accompany the periodic light shows and live music concerts.

For more information and to see a video of last year’s event, take a look here >>

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  1. Sue Garber says:

    I was looking at properties inFuengirola and Mika’s Costa last holiday season with the wonderful Mascia Columbo. I have pictures of the festive holiday lights in Mijas Costa and Madrid. Not sure how to add, but oh so beautiful

    • Simon Livett says:

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for your message!

      With regards to the photos, by all means send them to us by email and we can post them on a blog. We’d be happy to include some words from you to accompany the snaps! Our email is

      Alternatively, if you have social media, add us and share the photos with us that way and we will make sure everyone can see the beauty of Mijas Costa around Christmas time!

      And lastly, how is your property search going? I see that Mascia took you to view some properties this time last year… have you seen anything recently that is of interest?

      Best regards,

  2. Janet lombardi says:

    Beautiful lightsA Christmas market would be nice.


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