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Family Fun - A kiddies' paradise

As one of the most child-friendly countries in the world, it comes as no surprise that Spain – and in particular the Costa del Sol (given its attraction with families) – has a seemingly endless supply and variety of activities to keep the little ones eternally entertained. Children are revered in Spain and tend to get away with a lot more than their northern European counterparts do.

Costa del Sol Kiddies hero image

To the uninitiated it would appear that Spanish kids do not have curfews or bedtimes. It’s not uncommon to see children squealing with delight and dashing around crowded restaurants at midnight while their parents tuck into some paella or tapas. And in this extremely family-orientated country, late night strolls along the boardwalk with granny, grandad, uncles, aunts, cousins, kiddies and babies are par for the course.

It goes without saying that in a country where the kiddie is king and thanks to the incredible climate for most of the year, children living in Spain enjoy a much healthier and seemingly happier lifestyle than they do elsewhere. While parents in the UK, for example, can never seem to get their children out of the door and into the fresh air, kids reared on the Costa del Sol spend most of their time outdoors. And why wouldn’t they? There are beaches, the sea, swimming pools, playgrounds, waterparks, theme parks, football pitches, tennis courts, horse-riding, zoos, go-karting... and the one item that makes all this outdoor activity possible, the abundant sunshine.

Kids here are healthier, fitter, more tanned and more active. And the Costa del Sol has it all when it comes to activities for children and families. For a newly relocated family, the never-ending choice of places to go or things to do with the children can seem staggering. But if you’re prone to indecision, the best thing to do is to take the family off for the day to everybody’s favourite theme park – the beach.

With no admission fees or queues, the Costa del Sol’s beaches are bundles of fun for your little bundles of joy. An entire day at the beach may seem like a bit of a chore for the adults – lying there getting sunburned while the kids splash about – but why not do what the Spanish do and bring the whole house with you? A lot of families will spend the day at the beach and bring with them a whole range of equipment and provisions to maximise comfort. There are barbecues, fold-out tables and chairs, umbrellas, canopies, cool boxes, food, footballs, racquets, radios… the list is exhausting (as is packing it all away afterwards). The sun, the sea and the sand are all free to enjoy, and make the perfect alternative if you're not in the mood for trying to choose between going zip-lining between trees for the day or visiting a marine park.

We talk about the loads of various different family activities on the Costa del Sol elsewhere in these pages, but one thing is for certain: your children will absolutely love it here.

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