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The healthcare in Spain is widely envied across Europe – and for several good reasons. Hospitals, clinics and surgeries are solidly professional and inclusive, offering modern facilities, relatively short waiting times and exceptional service, consultations, referrals and treatments (often – at least in popular tourists areas – including in languages other than Spanish).

Healthcare in Spain. Spaniards live on average much longer than most other Europeans

Spaniards live on average much longer than most other Europeans

The additional good news for expats, holidaymakers and other visitors is that most (depending on respective EU bilateral country agreements) are covered by the same services offered to Spanish nationals. Even with crisis-era and government-austerity cuts to the health service in recent years, standards have remained high thanks to the training and professionalism of doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

Furthermore, the general culture of healthcare is extremely progressive throughout Spain. The Mediterranean diet plays its part, but the fact that Spaniards live on average much longer than most other Europeans is also partly due to a generally caring attitude towards citizens. Doctors are thorough, not dismissive; nurses are patient, not hurried; and the general population tend to be responsible and (mostly) naturally inclined to healthy living.

Generally, the rules of what does and does not apply for EU citizens are quite simple, but it’s worth arming yourself with the details before you pack your bags. The links on this page offer more detailed information, hugely important if you don’t want to be caught out on matters relating to your health, particularly in a country that might still feel rather foreign to you...

Healthcare in Spain. Hospitals, Specialist Care and Pharmacies

Hospitals, Specialist Care... and Pharmacies

Well-trained nurses, doctors and other medical staff have access to state-of-the-art equipment on the Costa del Sol...


Healthcare in Spain. Healthcare for people living and working on the Coast

Living in Spain

Generous services for residents...

living and working in spain

Healthcare in Spain. Healthcare for visitors

Non-Resident Visitors

How you stand with regard to healthcare...

Non-resident visitors

Healthcare in Spain. Healthcare for pensioners.

Pensioners. How to register

Similar provisions as for Spanish retirees...

Healthcare for pensioners

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