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Martina Heynemann

Martina Heynemann - VIVA Managing Partner

Meet the VIVA Vendor Services Team

We absolutely guarantee to make a difference. In fact, I would say without hesitation, we will make a huge difference to all your property selling options on the Costa del Sol and Inland too. Here you can meet some of the key personnel who are solely and entirely dedicated to providing the range of services and the value that VIVA offers to all our private vendors and their listed properties. 

What we deliver, and how we do that is, we believe, unique - and here's why...

Fleur Thomson

Our philosophy, approach, goals and objectives
by Fleur Thomson

We have always believed that the best business practice we can adopt right from the outset is to be open, straightforward and transparent. If you want to sell your home, you will simply want advice that is practical, helpful, appropriate, and individually tailored to you. That then offers a dynamic perspective on the prospects for selling your home. Our whole philosophy is to deliver this first and foremost. Our approach thereafter is to ensure that we match your commitment to us, with the maximum exposure, management and best presentation of your property to the market place, matching your goals and objectives to ours.

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Juan Carlos Silva -

Your commission and listing options
by Juan Carlos Silva

You won't find a more flexible and adaptable agent than VIVA. From being the Costa del Sol agent to have historically listed at the lowest fee levels, over the past decade we have consistently done whatever it takes to meet the shifting challenges and swings of activity in the market. We currently offer variable commission rates that take into account your price, the particular competition your property might face, your timeframe to sell and the market position you want to adopt. It is our policy to let you decide what is best for you, and then extend your sale prospects with our alternative listing options.

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Christophe Vilain - VIVA Vendor Services

Offices across every area, all property types sold
by Christophe Vilain

From long experience, we know it is extremely rare that the ultimate buyer of your property is someone who is looking exactly in your location, specifically for your type of property and with an absolute certainty of the price they will pay. Today's buyer looks at multiple locations, across a spectrum of properties and prices. If your agent is not able to provide their own listings, personnel and offices to service the buyer's demands and interests, that agent is simply not going to be able to deliver the property viewings you will require to create even an opportunity to sell. That's a fact.

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Greig Hayes

Promotion, promotion, promotion
by Greig Hayes

There is an old quotation by the poet Ogden Nash, which says: "He who whispers down a well, about what he wishes to sell, will never make as many dollars as he who goes to town and hollers!". We believe that was never more true than today. And if the standard mantra of buyers is location, location, we understand that for all those vendors looking to sell, then it's all about promotion. VIVA's outstanding level of investment in marketing property has always far exceeded any other agent on the Costa del Sol. We don't live from sale to sale – we exist and live, to sell again and again.

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Juan Carlos Silva - Property Consultant

Juan Carlos Silva

We do far more to sell your
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  • Dedicated team solely for Vendor Services
  • Exceptional & professional photography
  • Regular email updates, and market analysis
  • Outstanding web presence and exposure
  • Unrivalled performance and experience
  • More offices, more buyers, more everything

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