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48% of Brits who moved to Spain last year retired, data shows

Pension-age Brits simply love Spain, with around half of retired UK expats in the EU registered there.

Pension-age Brits simply love Spain, with around half of retired UK expats in the EU registered there.

New data analysis by Spain’s Office for National Statistics (INE) has revealed that of the nearly 300,000 British citizens who took up residence in Spain in 2016, 48% were retired…

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April sees sharpest fall in unemployment ever recorded in Spain


Sectors such as hotels, restaurants and real estate saw huge increases in job numbers in April in Spain.

Sectors such as hotels, restaurants and real estate saw huge increases in job numbers in April in Spain.

The Spanish Labour Ministry said on Thursday that the number of unemployed people in Spain fell by 3.9% in April – the sharpest fall in the country’s jobless figures ever recorded…

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Job’s a good ‘un: June sees Spain’s unemployment rate fall furthest for ten years

Job numbers in Spain have swelled hugely in June, and many of the new jobs will be here to stay.

The summer always brings a boost for Spain’s job figures. After all, with millions of people descending upon the country between the months of June to September, there is quite simply more work to be done…

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Spain economic growth outperforms Germany in first quarter

More and more Spaniards are finding meaningful work in the country as the economic recovery continues.

So far in 2016, the Spanish economy is among one of the best performers in the Eurozone.

The 2015 resurgence of Spain’s economy has continued encouragingly into 2016, with data published at the weekend by the country’s Markit Composite PMI Index revealing that Spanish GDP grew by 0.6% in the first three months of the year…

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Spanish workers among keenest in Europe to stay in home country when seeking next job


While Spain’s economy is not the strongest in Europe, it is improving rapidly, and the majority of Spaniards now want to stay home when looking for work.

Despite Brits’ evident love affair with all things Spanish – the climate, the property, the food, the beaches – one aspect of life in Spain that is arguably weaker than that found in the UK is employment…

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Three ways to improve Spain’s job market in 2016


More than any year, 2016 could prove pivotal for Spain’s job market.

Employment rates are fickle beasts at the best of times, but during the double-dip recession that hit Spain a few years ago the government did its best to mask the true extent of the problem.

Youth unemployment hit 50% at the country’s lowest ebb – higher than Greece – so official figures tended to focus on the slightly more palatable overall employment figures, which, while one of the highest in the Eurozone, hovered around the more spinnable figure of 25-27%.

Since a raft of economic reforms were introduced by the government in 2012 and 2013, the situation has improved quite dramatically, with thousands of young Spaniards flocking back to the country having spent one or two years working in the bars, restaurants, hotels and offices of the UK and Germany.

And this week, official figures have been released that show Spain has added one than one million jobs since the country exited recession in 2013, making the recovery one of the strongest in Europe…

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Employment in Spain’s property sector set to soar

Jobs in the Spanish real estate sector are predicted to rise sharply in the coming years.

The growing importance of the Spanish property market to the country’s economic recovery has been laid bare by consultant firm KPMG, which expects jobs in the sector to account for 10 per cent of Spain’s workforce by 2020…

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Six out of ten young Spaniards would consider overseas job

Many younger Spaniards are favourable to the idea of working abroad, study finds

The majority of Spaniards aged 18 to 30 have revealed that they would seriously consider moving overseas for work, according to a new study by the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications…

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Spaniards worked fewer hours than Brits last year… but more than the Germans

Putting in a shift: Spaniards worked more hours than many other Europeans in 2013

Toss aside any notion that the Spanish are lazy – Spaniards worked far more hours than the Germans, Dutch, Swiss and Swedes in 2013, according to recent data published by the Organization for Economic Development (OECD)…

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Spanish learning on the rise in UK schools

Spanish is on its way to becoming the most popular foreign language in UK schools

In what has been dubbed ‘the Messi effect’, UK school examiners have noted the rise in popularity of Spanish at the expense of French and German, with many experts expecting it to soon become the most popular foreign language in schools across Britain…

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