If you are looking for a reliable real estate agent near by to sell your beloved property, YourViva might be a good fit for you being the agency of your choice.

We have a huge client base looking for properties along the coast and we would like to ensure that the vendor who is selling their home is very important to us and receives the best service possible and most importantly being kept updated on property viewings at all times during the whole process until completion takes place.

We would like to go the extra mile for you, as you are not just selling your beloved home with all the good memories, you also may have special requirements and needs, so we want to look after you, that you feel good about your choice in trusting YourViva.

With our long years experience in the property market and knowing the different requirements from our national and international buyers, we will find you the perfect match for your house and ensure a hassle free and smooth transition.

In a competitive real estate market, confidence is key!

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 If you are looking to sell your property, YourViva offer a wide range of services designed to help to get your property noticed and sold quickly. Our professional photography, videography, virtual property tours, and bespoke marketing campaigns are tailored for each individual property to ensure maximum exposure.

We also provide practical support services to help sellers through the sales process, such as independent legal advice and assistance, help with obtaining the necessary documentation, and support with negotiations and closing the sale. Our goal is to make the sales process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

In addition to our core services, we offer also “HOME STAGING”, something we would love to talk about with you, especially if you haven’t sold your home yet, even though it is on the market for some time.

“Home Staging” service takes your home to the next level. But let’s start at the beginning.  

To sell a property, it is not enough for it to be beautiful. The staging of the property must be done in such a way that it is able to dazzle the potential buyer and reality.

Data shows that this is increasing the value of your property and is reducing the time it is for sale.

Home staging is a technique that combines interior design and decoration with the aim of transforming any space in a home into a more attractive place that manages to generate an irrepressible desire to buy in the potential buyer.

The aim is always to increase its attractiveness and market value and to achieve a “facelift” of the property and make it look even better.

For example, the creation of a quality photographic report, virtual tours, floor plans and any other material that can be used to convey the new state of the property for sale.

What is the main objective of home staging?

We already know what Home Staging is, now it is time to define its objective. The why of this discipline.

Specifically, it is to sell faster and for a better price. As simple and powerful as that.

The importance of home staging lies exactly in that: improving the time and value of selling and we would be able to do this for you at our cost if you are interested and you see the need of taking the action with Home Staging.

And having your house hanging on the internet or in the window of a real estate agency without being able to sell, it means that it is possibly time to rethink and discuss with us further.

Are you interested in more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or pop into our YourViva office in El Rosario for a chat.

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With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have built up a reputation for excellence and are widely regarded as one of the leading real estate agencies in the Costa del Sol. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you can be rest assured that you will receive expert advice, professional support, and a personalized service that is tailored to your individual needs.

In conclusion, YourViva is your trusted and reliable partner that can help you achieve your goals.  

We are here to help and to work for you…put YourViva to the test!

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The 5 common questions from our Costa del Sol vendors

Do you want to sell your house? If the answer to that question is yes, perhaps this article will answer many of your questions like many other sellers who list their homes with YourViva.

1. - Necessary documentation In order for YourViva to be able to sell your property, and also to comply with Spanish legislation, we ensure that all owners provide us with the following documentation.

• Title Deed (Escritura) or Nota Simple (dated less than 3 months old).
The title deed, you must have this documentation, if you cannot find it, you can request a copy from your bank or at the notary's office where the sale was signed.
The nota simple can be requested at the land registry office.

• Receipt of the last community payment.

• IBI and Rubbish receipts.
Receipts of the payments, ask for a receipt at your local town hall or you can download these receipts from your bank account.

• Identification of the owner (DNI, NIE, or passport).

• CEE, Energy Efficiency Certificate.
We can manage this procedure ourselves or you can hire an external company.

• First Occupancy Licence.
You must have this document from the moment you purchase your property.

• Sales authorisation contract or service agreement.
Contract signed with us.

• KYC form for sellers.
Documentation to be completed with us.

2.- Time to confirm the sale

The million-dollar questions are, how long will it take you to sell my house? Will it be sold by next month? Are there a lot of people interested in this area and will it sell quickly?

There is no concrete answer, but we can analyse two main aspects that will formalise a quicker sale.

A) The characteristics of the property itself

• Good condition, size, number of rooms, natural light, features...

• Sought-after location

• Attractive photos that show the best of the property so will gain many points and will attract more attention.

We can say that this is the most important point, if the property is well maintained and has photos showing the best, it will attract more people.

It may be worth investing in renovating and fixing small defects in the house before putting it up for sale. Take a look at this other article on how to add value to your home

B) The price and negotiation
If the asking price for the sale is right and if you are willing to negotiate a little. You have to be willing to compromise a little and be flexible, this also depends on the urgency to sell the property.

With these two issues in consideration, your property can be sold in 1-2 weeks or it can take longer.

3.- What does YourViva do to sell my house?

Thanks to our infrastructure and collaborating companies, YourViva can do much more than other real estate agencies on the Costa del Sol.

At YourViva:

• We help you to value your property and give you a real price for the value of the property based on the current market.

• We take the best pictures of your property and can draw up a floor plan of the property if the seller does not have one.

• We list your property on our website, major national and international real estate portals and it will be shared with other real estate agents on the Costa del Sol.

• It will be sent through email campaigns to our database of buyers and interested parties in the area.

• It will be shared on social media with photos and videos to give it more visibility.

• Additionally, there is an optional package to enhance the images and create a virtual tour.

4.- What is the process of the property viewings?

Once we have potential clients, we inform the vendor of the possibility of taking them to view the property.

• If the owners live in the property, we will adapt to their agenda and we will indicate the date and time of the visit in order to arrange it with the buyers.

• If the owners do not live in the property or live in another town or country, we recommend that you give us a set of keys in order to have more autonomy.

We recommend having the property tidy and clean so that we can show it at its best.

5.- How much is it going to cost me?

Putting your house on sale does not imply any initial payment, only the extra services requested by the seller will be paid. Now, once the property is sold, the corresponding capital gains tax will be paid and, of course, the real estate agent's commission.

1.Plus valia                > Municipal Tax >  calculated on the “land value “ depending on the duration of your ownership.

2.Capital Gain Tax   ( impuestos sobre patrimonio ).
> state tax > calculated on the difference between your buying/selling price  >for none resident
there will be a “retention “ of 3 % of the selling  title deed price to ensure that this
Tax has been paid .

3.Cost of cancelation of any existing debts on the property  ( Mortgage , IBI , community fees & utility bills ).

4.Real estate commission   > normally 5 % plus IVA (21 % in the moment ).

We hope this article has been helpful, but in case you have any further information you can contact our team.
And you, are you already decided to sell your house?


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