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Top 5 tips for enjoying Easter in Spain

For a slice of Spanish tradition this Easter, why not head to San Pedro de Alcantara?

Santa comes but once a year. Across the Anglo-speaking world he’s a jolly fat man in a red suit with a rather lax approach to breaking-and-entry laws, healthy eating, and the laws of physics.

But in Spain, Santa comes a little later in the year and sticks around for more than a week. Semana Santa means Holy Week in Spanish, and is a celebration of Easter that is one of the most spectacular and hotly anticipated dates on the Spanish calendar… Continue Reading

Author:Ian Clover 14/04/2014 [0] Comments 
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Toys go large at KAWS’ ‘Final Day’ exhibition in Málaga

Kaws' monumental 'Final Day' centrepiece

Kaws' monumental 'Final Days' centrepiece is 6 metres high and weighs a massive 10 tonnes

“It’s amusing to think that when I work on a large-format piece in bronze or wood it’s termed sculpture… but if I do the same piece in plastic on a small scale, it’s called a toy.“ So says US painter, sculptor and designer KAWS, whose first solo exhibition in Spain – entitled ‘Final Days’ – is currently running at the prestigious CAC Málaga Centre of Contemporary Art.

As a precursor of the Art & Toys movement, according to Fernando Francés, director of the CAC Málaga, “KAWS is capable of creating a particularly edgy mood, moving in areas of the subconscious like a fish in water.”

Falling within the iconography genre, the showcase features five large-scale sculptures carved from wood and which have never before been exhibited…

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Author:Carolyn Mowlem 09/04/2014 [0] Comments 
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Jorge's images: Let there be light... It's Christmas in Málaga!

Málaga Christmas lights 2013
As if Málaga didn’t shine brightly enough the rest of the year, on Friday 29 November 2013 the city found itself once again flooded in its famous Christmas lights. Possibly the best year yet, check out the unmissable festive display, courtesy of VIVA’s very own photographer, Jorge Morales as he explored the city on the Paseo del Parque, Alameda Principal and Calle Marqués de Larios. It is well worth seeing these stunning illuminations (on from 6:30pm everyday) to view this gorgeous city in a whole new light (literally)!
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Photographer:Jorge Morales 04/12/2013 [5] Comments 
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French connection: The Pompidou Centre expands to Málaga

The 'Cube' in the new Muelle Uno district of Málaga city

The iconic 'Cube' is located in Málaga city's new Muelle Uno district

Barely had the paint dried on the two 7-storey urban art interventions recently created in Málaga by none other than Shepard Fairey, aka Obey, and D*Face, aka Dean Stockton… than the capital of the Costa del Sol is making art news around the globe yet again. This time with last Friday’s announcement by Málaga mayor, Franciso de la Torre, that an agreement has been reached whereby Paris’s prestigious Pompidou Centre will be opening an annex at the iconic ‘Cube’ situated alongside the cruise ship terminal in Málaga Port in 2015…

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Málaga lights up for the festive season

Málaga shines at Christmas

The city of Málaga shines bright for the Christmas season

Mercadona’s shelves are merry with delicious treats, tinsel hangs from every other window and the Chinese shops are awash with amazingly tacky, sparkly garnish.

Yep, it may have crept up on us, but it’s that ‘most wonderful time of the yearagain!

In my mind, tomorrow (Friday 29 November) marks the beginning of the countdown to Christmas in Spain with the turning on of the Christmas lights in MálagaContinue Reading

Author:Holly Purnell 28/11/2013 [0] Comments 
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‘The Splendour of Hollywood’ exhibition comes to Málaga

The 'Splendour of Hollywood' exhibition comes to Málaga

Hollywood's most famous movie stars, as you've never seen them before

A rare and fascinating insight into the everyday lives of some of the most famous movie stars of the 1950s and 1960s, ‘Esplendor de Hollywood’ showcases some of the iconic and intimate images taken by famous American photographer and director Sid Avery, who between 1946 and 1961 shot literally thousands of stunning photos for the most popular and avidly-read glossy magazines of the day. A long overdue tribute to his prolific talent, this is the first time the exhibition has come to Europe and it includes several images never before seen…

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Author:Carolyn Mowlem 30/10/2013 [0] Comments 
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Spanish pedestrians to the rescue as escaped bull runs amok in Málaga

A still of the moment the bull charges the pedestrian... watch the vid to see what happens next

You can see some wonderful sights in the ancient Andalusian city of Málaga. There’s the Pablo Picasso Museum, the stunning Gibralfaro and the old Alcazaba.

But sightseers and tourists got more than they bargained for last week: the sight of an escaped bull, intermittently strolling, rampaging and charging through the city’s leafy streets.

A video of the bull attacking cars and then charging a seemingly suicidal pedestrian has been garnering thousands of hits online. But the young man who tackles the bull evidently knows what he’s doing – just watch how he expertly dodges the bull’s charge and wrestles it to the ground before others rush in to help restrain it…

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Author:Ian Clover 21/06/2013 [0] Comments 
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The fairest of them all... Málaga Feria!

Billed as the biggest summer street party in Southern Spain, the Feria de Málaga is a spectacular extravaganza of family-friendly fun and entertainment taking over the capital of the Costa del Sol for 9 magical days – and nights – in August and attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. One of Málaga’s major annual events, the Feria, which this year took place from 11 to 19 August, enjoys a deep-rooted tradition dating all the way back to 1487, the year that the Catholic Kings – Isabella and Ferdinand – famously reconquered the city. Take a look at these stunning images by VIVA’s own in-house photographer Jorge Morales, and if you missed this year’s Feria, well… there’s always next year to look forward to!
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Photographer:Jorge Morales 22/08/2012 [0] Comments 
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Per Barclay’s ‘Fluido’ installation… oil change at the CAC Málaga Centre for Contemporary Art

'Fluido installation

Per Barclay's 'Fluido' installation at the CAC Málaga Centro de Arte Contemporáneo.

Norwegian artist Per Barclay (Oslo, 1955) has flooded the main gallery of the city’s prestigious CAC Málaga art museum with 7,000 litres of oil, creating a conceptual installation that wouldn’t look out of place at the Tate Modern or New York’s MoMA.

Entitled ‘Fluido’, the exhibit – which takes the form of a trapezoidal PVC tank measuring 23 metres long and filled to a depth of 5cm with black-tinted sunflower oil – has been specifically designed for the CAC Málaga, with the opaque liquid reflecting the structure of the building as if it were a vast mirror.

“The first impression a visitor gets is that of seeing a smooth, dark, elegant surface which seems very simple,” says Barclay. “Yet at the same time, a sense of depth is created, giving visitors both a sensation of ambiguity and vertigo.”

Per Barclay 'Oil Room'

The Norwegian artist's works reveal his interest in space and the way of occupying and completely filling it.

Per Barclay’s works have been exhibited at the MGM Gallery (Oslo), the Fondazione Merz (Turin), the Palacio de Cristal at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid), and many other prestigious galleries and museums around the world. He is particularly well-known for his ‘Oil Rooms’ installations revealing his interest in space and the way of occupying and completely filling it.

Per Barclay at the Málaga inauguration

Per Barclay at the inauguration of his CAC Málaga installation.

“This aspect of his work reveals Edvard Munch’s influence on the artist, whose installations arouse emotions such as anxiety, fear of death and love,” explains Fernando Francés, CAC Málaga director. “Even when using other liquids – engine oil, water, blood or wine - Barclay creates a tension that shatters any sense of calm.”

Per Barclay exhibited his first work in Norway in 1984 and currently lives in Turin and Oslo.

The ‘Fluido’ exhibition runs until 4 September 2012 at the CAC Málaga Centro de Arte Contemporáneo

C/ Alemania, Málaga

Open Tuesdays – Sundays from 10am to 2pm & 5pm to 9pm

T. 952 120 055

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The Dinopétrea Exhibition comes to Málaga: The return of the dinosaurs

DinosaurIf you don’t know your T. rex from your stegosaurus – or even if you do – then how about a visit to the ‘Dinopétrea’ showcase, running at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in Málaga until 24 June?

Billed as a scientific, educational and fun exhibition for families, ‘Dinopétrea’ brings together skeletons – and replicas – of dinosaurs that roamed the planet 125 million years ago and fish that swam the seas 25 million years ago, as well as mammals dating back more than 10,000 years.

There are interactive exhibits, too. For younger kids there’s an area where they can dig for real fossils, just like paleontologists do, and if they find one they also get to keep it! Plus there’s the opportunity to open a geode and discover the crystals hidden inside, while also finding out about the Isle of Wight-sized asteroid that ended the reign of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Dinopetréa logoThe exhibition – at Málaga’s Palacio de Ferias y Congresos – is open Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 2pm & 5pm to 8pm; and from 11am to 8pm at weekends.

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