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June home sales rise 19% in Spain compared to last year

June's registered home sales reached almost 40,000, which is an impressive number by any metric.

June’s registered home sales reached almost 40,000, which is an impressive number by any metric.

Data from Spain’s Land Register has revealed that 39,625 residential property sales were recorded in the country in June – a figure that is 19% higher than for the same month last year.

These figures differ from those recorded by other metrics because they measure the number of properties actually registered with the government, rather than the number of sales that took place in June…

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Spain made €60 billion from tourism last year, data shows

The InterNations survey ranked Spain as the fourth best place in the world for expat quality of life.

Second for revenue, third for numbers, first for growth – Spain’s tourism sector has really hit its stride.

The tourism industry injected €60 billion into the Spanish economy in 2016 – more than any other country on the planet bar the USA, data from the UN’s World Tourism Organisation (UNTWO) has shown…

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Weather, energy, employment: how Spain leads the way this summer

Spain has many reasons to be cheerful as the height of summer approaches.

Spain has many reasons to be cheerful as the height of summer approaches.

The balmy summer season is received very differently all over Europe.

In Edinburgh, August means a busy month of comedy and performance on its – often windy and chilly – streets as the Fringe Festival takes hold; for France it means reaching people in any office is nigh-on impossible as seemingly the entire country decamps to the, well, campsites that dot the southern reaches of the nation, and for Brits and Germans it means fleeing their own unpredictable weather for the reliably warm embrace of Spain…

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The complete package: Brits snapping up Spanish package holidays in record number

From beaches to bars, hotels to restaurants, roads to airports, Spain has everything you need for a fun and hassle-free holiday.

From beaches to bars, hotels to restaurants, roads to airports, Spain has everything you need for a fun and hassle-free holiday.

The great package holiday is a summer staple for millions of Brits: a well-priced, hassle-free week or two in the sun for the family, with all travel, dining and leisure logistics taken care of well in advance.

Spain has been the preferred destination of choice for holidaying Brits for the past few decades. However, there was a time either side of the millennium when the country perhaps looked in danger of losing its package holiday crown

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Three reasons to jet to the Costa del Sol this May

 Spain is set fair for a solid 2015, washing away many of the myths associated to it

Spain is beautiful all year round, but why wait until the height of summer for your Spanish holiday to begin?

There is never a bad time to head to Spain, but if we’re being super honest, if you had your pick of the entire calendar then February and August should probably prop up the table, for very different reasons.

February’s weather is just a little too unpredictable down on the Costa del Sol to make it a better option than, say, January, which is cooler but more settled, or March, which is warmer and drier.

As for August, sure you’ll get plenty of sunshine, but you’ll also have intense heat to deal with, not to mention crowded beaches, bars and restaurants, while flights and hotels will be more expensive too.

For many, Spain’s pleasures are best enjoyed in the ‘shoulder’ months of the high season, which for the Costa del Sol means May and October, with June-September typically viewed as the peak time to visit.

Many will extol the virtues of September, but as that month follows the very height of summer, those of the more ‘glass half-full’ persuasion will no doubt be swayed by May – a month of lengthening days, creeping warmth and sparser, but still notable, custom in the resorts.

And in 2017, there are three distinct reasons to dust off the suitcase and hop on a flight to Málaga airport…

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Spain unemployment rate drops below 20% for first time in six years


Spain's job market is looking increasingly healthy, and next year holds more promise.

Spain’s job market is looking increasingly healthy, and next year holds more promise.

The signs that Spain’s economy is back on a trajectory of sustainable growth keep on stacking up, and the latest job news in the country is certainly cause for cautious celebration…

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Spain’s first summer heatwave tickles temperatures to 42ºC


The beach may be your best option in Spain this week as high temperatures shuttle across inland areas.

There was a (not-so) old adage that used to go something like this: “How do you know when somebody has an iPhone? They will tell you.”

It doesn’t quite work anymore, what with most people owning one, but those who delight in such smarminess can simply log on to Facebook or Twitter and change it to: “How can you tell when it is warm in the UK? Don’t worry, every. Single. Brit. will tell you.

Yes, in case you hadn’t noticed, the UK is experiencing something of a heatwave this week, with temperatures reaching past 30ºC in most parts of England, and prompting a near-endless stream of red-raw shoulder selfies, “chillin’ in the park with ice cream” updates, and the inevitable moaning about “not being cut out” for this type of weather…

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Caught in a flap: missing €14k parrot turns up in glitzy Marbella nightclub


Soly, a blue and yellow Hyacinth Macaw worth €14,000, is now home safe and sound following a night on the tiles at a fancy Marbella club. Photo: Olive Press.

Read the news at the moment and it feels like the world has been stripped of something: something so important to our wellbeing that nobody knows quite what to do next.

That’s right, with real, actual news dominating, the traditional summer ‘Silly Season’ has been shunted from its rightful place on the front pages. But if you look hard enough you can still find hilarious tales of crocodiles in London, totally ill-equipped politicians running for office, and a highlights reel of the England football team’s European Championship performance

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Four questions that will shape Spain’s summer in 2016


Spain heads into summer with plenty of hope and optimism, but some questions remain…

The onset of June brings the onset of summer proper for much of Europe, and Spain is no different. Despite warmer temperatures arriving much earlier in Spain than most other places in Europe, it is not until June that the various resorts across the country begin to really fill out.

And now that June is upon us, summer can begin in earnest, with this year’s installment set to be perhaps one of the most memorable yet. Here are four reasons why…

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Look at the numbers: Spain popularity soars as summer arrives


It’s not just the beaches that are beckoning Brits: more and more are attracted to Spain’s cities, its mountains, its history and its lesser-known regions.

The past few months have seen a steady drip-drip of stories suggesting that Spain has seen its tourism numbers rise significantly.

From the turn of the year to the first quarter, and then into April alone, statistics from various sources – travel agents, hotel associations, and even Spain’s National Statistics Institute (INE) – have all charted this positive trend, prompting many to wonder what has driven it…

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