Amazon Prime Day 2019

Seemingly everywhere you look online recently there have been ads for Amazon Prime Day 2019 or articles written about the best deals to expect during the two-day, e-commerce mega-sale, which ends at midnight tomorrow.

And I suppose it is something to get excited about. You get to enjoy all the benefits of discounted products in every imaginable retail category without having to deal with the frenzied “Black Friday” pushing and shoving you would associate with a flash sale at a bricks-and-mortar store.

That's not to say that Amazon Prime Day 2019 isn't being taken seriously, though, because it is. Some news outlets are even running a live feed of the latest deals as they are announced, with updates occurring every couple of minutes.

Having had a cursory glance at some of the best deals of the day so far, I thought I’d suggest 4 ideal purchases for your property abroad (as seen on the Spanish Amazon store). So here goes…

4 Ideal Amazon Prime Day 2019 Purchases For Your Property Abroad: Furniture

1. Furniture

If you’re looking to re-decorate your property abroad, Amazon Prime Day 2019 has come at just the right time. For sprucing up the interior, there is up to 20% off mattresses and bed frames, while deals on garden furniture items and outdoor sets are even more generous at up to 40% off their original price.

If you were lucky enough to buy a property abroad earlier this year and are visiting for the first time this summer, this is a great opportunity to deck out your pad while you’re in residence.

For many, the obvious issue here is that you don’t physically see the product until it’s delivered to you. While this is the inherent drawback of e-commerce for purchases of this type, I must say that Amazon is very accommodating in terms of its returns policy, so you shouldn't have any problem getting your money back if it doesn't look exactly like the photos.

So if you like the look of something in the furniture section1 and you think it’d look great inside your property, outside on the terrace or in the garden, time is ticking!

4 Ideal Amazon Prime Day 2019 Purchases For Your Property Abroad: robot cleaners

2. Robot vacuum cleaners

Besides having cool names like “Roomba” and “Conga”, these nifty devices are incredible for giving the house a once-over while you’re not in attendance.

Controlled via your smartphone device and with WiFi connectivity, you can programme the disc-shaped robots to systematically clean the surface area of your home (you can even watch its progress on your phone as it follows its cleaning route – kind of like a Pacman hoovering game – if you’ve literally got nothing better to do).

The fact of the matter is, they’re great for maintaining holiday homes and doing the tedious, day-to-day cleaning chores that no-one likes doing… especially in the height (and heat) of summer!

Although there are an apparently infinite number of models of robot vacuum cleaner, Amazon Prime Day 2019 has the top-of-the-range iRobot Roomba 9812 at €499; 50% off its original €999 price tag. For one that’s a little less all-singing-all-dancing, yet will leave your floors spotless, the iRobot Roomba 6713 has a 43% discount and its sale price is €199.

4 Ideal Amazon Prime Day 2019 Purchases For Your Property Abroad: smart speakers

3. Smart speakers

Continuing with the WiFi connectivity theme, any modern home would benefit from a smart speaker or, depending on the size of the property, a series of connected devices in different rooms that are all controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

The days of simply hooking your audio-playing device to an amplifier to raise the volume and (in theory) the sound quality are, sadly, numbered. I say sadly because my sister just bought me a really nice bluetooth speaker for my birthday and I love it!

So, while I continue with the "old-school" method, you could take delivery of a voice-activated smart speaker that streams your favourite music, radio, podcasts and audiobooks immediately, as well as some being compatible with other smart home devices and having an AI assistant capable of responding to your every question.

A good deal is the Sonos Play4, which has been reduced from €229 to €164.99, while of course there are significant discounts on Amazon’s own Echo devices and those that are compatible with its Alexa assistant.

4 Ideal Amazon Prime Day 2019 Purchases For Your Property Abroad: cameras

4. Cameras

You might wonder why a person would even buy a camera in this day and age when you can achieve such good quality snaps from the camera integrated into your phone.

But the pros and the purists out there who want to take professional photos with a range of different lenses demand a top-spec camera. With up to 50% off Sony products in this category and many other brands besides, Amazon Prime Day 2019 caters for budding photographers.

Then there are the sports fanatics. If you want to take your palm-sized 4K, ultra HD camera out for a run or strap it to your bike to take in the beauty of the surroundings of your property abroad - or you want to take some underwater footage or have it on you while surfing or stand-up paddle boarding - you can find them for up to 40% less during Amazon’s sale.

And then there are security cameras for protecting your investment abroad, which also have discounts of up to 40%; many of which can feed live images to your mobile device so you know what's going on at all hours.

What do you think of these deals? Are you tempted by anything being promoted during Amazon Prime Day 2019? Or do you think it’s just a huge marketing trick to get people to spend, spend, spend?

Disclaimer: I have no desire to promote the company or its products. The sole intention of the post is to be informative and to let you know where there are savings to be had on products that are useful for your second home!