Amazon Prime Day runs from midday today until midnight tomorrow.

Now the largest internet retailer in the world, Amazon is a go-to for almost every type of online purchase. Its safe payment platform, good returns policy and efficient courier service make it an extremely popular way for people all over the world to send gifts and to indulge in a little bit of (online) retail therapy…

Far from simply glorifying the retail giant, there is another reason for mentioning Amazon today. It is Amazon Prime Day, which gives its preferred members – those who pay a small annual subscription for an Amazon Prime account – extra discounts on existing, newly-launched and special edition products from 12pm today until midnight tomorrow.

Users will be able to enjoy discounts of up to 30% on selected orders, while Amazon’s own products such as the Kindle eReader, Fire TV Stick and Fire tablets will have significant reductions, too.

If you love a bargain, you’ll doubtless get on board with this latest Black Friday-style flash sale – the likes of which have proliferated in recent years – but remember that you must be registered to the Amazon Prime platform to benefit from this specific promotion.

Critics would say that this promotion will benefit the retailer far more than consumers, since the inflated number of Prime accounts created in the run-up to today could generate more revenue for Amazon than consumers save on any given product… but if you save 25% on the latest gadget or piece of tech, you’re unlikely to lose any sleep over this fact!