Andalucía – led by the Costa del Sol – remains number one for people seeking their dream home in Spain.

As in April, the number of residential property transactions in Andalucía was higher in June than in any other region in Spain…

In total, 9,165 homes changed hands in the Costa del Sol’s region of Andalucía, while the second and third best performing regions were Cataluña and Valencia, with 6,963 and 6,958 property sales, respectively.

The data shows a huge gulf in buying preference towards the south of Spain over regions such as Madrid and Cataluña, whose sales figures remain reasonably constant year-round, during this latest 30-day period.

In fact, almost one-third more real estate was sold in Andalucía than in Cataluña, which is yet more proof of the region’s economic resurgence and that homebuyers continue to seek a dream lifestyle near the golden sands of the Mediterranean coast.

Compared to June last year, Andalucía – unsurprisingly – registered an 8.7% increase in sales activity, which placed it fourth in terms of interannual growth behind Aragón, Murcia and Valencia, and a full 7% higher than the national average.