Andalucía was once again the leading region for real estate transactions in July.

Once again, the number of home purchases in Andalucía was higher than in any other Spanish region in the month of July, according to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics…

A total of 27,743 real estate transactions were made in Andalucía in the seventh month, of which 8,730 were residential. Although not quite as high as the previous month’s statistics – let alone this year’s purchasing peaks in March – the quantity of home sales was over 20% higher than in July 2017 and still relegated the regions of Cataluña and Valencia into second and third place, respectively.

On a national level, the National Institute of Statistics’ data was equally positive. Throughout Spain, 169,683 property purchases were registered, outstripping last year’s figure for the same month by over 20,000 transactions (a 14.5% improvement).

Of this total, 45,900 were residential dwellings, which is a very respectable figure in the context of the month of July. In fact, this represents an increase of 16.2% compared to July last year and marks the first time since 2015 that July’s transaction volumes bettered June’s figures.

If we look at cumulative statistics since the start of 2018, the percentage growth of home purchases after seven complete months now stands at 11.7%. In layman’s terms, this means that almost 12% more homebuyers are finding their dream home in Spain this year compared to last year and – as is evidenced by this latest data – this is due in no small part to the Costa del Sol and the region of Andalucía as a whole.