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What’s on this weekend (21st-23rd September)?


A scene from last year’s BMX Pro Cup in Málaga, courtesy of

In amongst the assortment of goings-on and various cultural events on the Costa del Sol this weekend, we’ve scoured the web for local festivals and other interesting events, of which three stood out…

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Andalucía still leader of property transactions in July


Andalucía was once again the leading region for real estate transactions in July.

Once again, the number of home purchases in Andalucía was higher than in any other Spanish region in the month of July, according to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics…

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World Paella Day this Thursday


One of the dishes served up in the 2016 edition of the International Paella Contest in Sueca, Valencia.

Yes, you read that correctly: there really IS a World Paella Day. Spearheaded by the city and region of Valencia, where the paella was first conceived, the day is aimed at promoting and getting more and more cooks to get on board with making the iconic dish…

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Walking weather back after sizzling summer


September is the perfect month to enjoy a walk on the beachfront and take in the spectacular views: for example, this one in Marbella.

This is litoral-ly great news! At the end of last month, the Málaga Provincial Government announced that the senda litoral – the seaside walkway that stretches along large parts of our sunshine coast –will be extended by 700 metres between Río Real and El Pinillo, just outside Marbella

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School’s in for... autumn!


Are you prepared for the start of the school year on the Costa del Sol?

If you live on the Costa del Sol and you have school-age kids, you will know all too well that the start of the 2018-19 academic year was either this Monday, in the case of primary school children, or is looming just around the corner next Monday 17th September for secondary, bachillerato (sixth form college) and other academies

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Spanish property values climb 5.6% in August


Home values continue their year-on-year surge and transactions are also on the up in 2018.

Residential property valuation specialists Tinsa produced their monthly report on home values last week, which showed a 5.6% year-on-year increase for the eighth month of the year

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1 in 5 Spanish homes were bought in Andalucía in Q2 2018


Almost 20% of Spanish homes were bought in Andalucía, home of the Costa del Sol, last quarter.

Data from the Spanish Registrars Association was announced earlier this week regarding property transactions between April and June and, as in the first quarter of 2018, Andalucía is the heaviest contributor of any region in the entire peninsula…

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Mortgage approvals up 2.6% in Andalucía in June


Mortgage approvals rose once again in Andalucía in June, confirming the equally good news about residential property sales increases.

Figures for mortgage approvals for residential properties in Spain during the month of June were published last Friday by the National Institute of Statistics, with the number of mortgages granted in Andalucía predictably increasing (by 2.6% compared to June 2017)…

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Why September is the time to buy a (nearly) new car


Great deals on new cars can be found at many dealerships all over Spain next month.

If you’re reading this and wondering what’s so special about car sales this month, the answer lies in changes to EU lab-testing procedures for new vehicles fresh off the production line, known as the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP)…

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Marbella homebuyers younger than ever


A greater propensity for remote working and foreign entrepreneurs moving to Marbella are cited as reasons for the younger average age of property purchasers.

Data published in the local Costa del Sol press this week suggests that the average age of property buyers in the Marbella area is now as young as 42. This is as low a median age as has ever been recorded, with indicators pointing towards entrepreneurial foreign buyers as the key exponent of this change…

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