Can I travel to Spain after the 31st of March?

After months of restrictions the Spanish Government has stated new rules to adjust entry of UK citizens into Spain along with new exemptions from the UK Government.

If you are a British national and planning on buying a property on the Costa del Sol or already own a property, you may be asking yourself, can I go over to Spain to complete on a sale, view a property or check my existing home. Can I sell my current home or rent a new one? If so, then the answer is yes, you can come to Spain.

Yes, you can Travel to Spain!

Some good news

There is some good news for British people who are thinking of buying property here on the Costa del Sol.  From the 1st April 2021 (as stated on the website) you can travel to Spain to look at property, sell your current Spanish home or complete on a sale.

The UK Government has described some possible scenarios where you may be able to travel, even if you do not have a property and wish to meet a Real Estate Agent, developer or show flat, these situations are considered to meet the property related legal obligations which allows you to travel to Spain.

Here at yourVIVA we can provide you with a letter of essential travel 1 which you can present to the border authorities.

If you already own a second home here, traveling over would only be reasonable if you are to sign a rental agreement or lease. Coming over to renovate, install security, etc is not classed as an exemption.

So, what do I need to enter in Spain?

As a rule it is stated by the UK Government that traveling to Spain for a holiday is illegal. So you do need to come with one of the reasons mentioned above. On arrival at Malaga airport you must provide a negative COVID – 19 PCR test or a Transcription-Mediated Amplification test (TMA) within 72 hours of your flight arrival.

All the documentation provided must be official. They can be accepted in Spanish or English and copies will be accepted (however we strongly advise you carry the original).

The documents must include the following information:

  • Letter of essential travel provided by yourVIVA            
  • Name of the person traveling
  • Passport number or ID card
  • Number, test date and identification and contact details of the centre that made the analysis, the technics used and the result as negative.
    PCR test for children under 6 years old is not required.

Can I travel to the Costa del Sol if I already had the vaccine?

In the event that you have had both COVID – 19 vaccinations, you still have to enter with the negative PCR test

Welcome to Spain

Benalmádena Costa, Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is one of the most beautiful regions of Spain and offers potential home owners a diverse region offering seaside towns, homes overlooking the Mediterranean, fincas set in the peaceful countryside and properties in golf resorts.

YourVIVA is here to help you with all aspects of buying a home here on the Costa del Sol. We have over 13,500 properties in the areas reaching from Málaga to Sotogrande. Our multi lingual sales team is here to greet you and assist you with your purchase.

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This letter is issued in order to confirm the property purchase in Spain by our clients, and to explain the reasons for their necessity to travel from the UK to Spain. Notwithstanding the above, the present letter is not an authorisation (or invitation letter) granted by our company to our clients to travel to Spain from the UK, if the current regulations in the UK and Spain do not allow this. In the event of any checks or controls, by either British or Spanish airport or border control authorities, these will be the ones to determine the necessity for such travel.