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Panic at the pump: new fuel classifications explained


Standard diesel, unleaded and gas classifications have now been changed all across the European community.

Last Friday 12th October was the switch-over date for petroleum and diesel labelling across the European Union and other non-EU states such as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Turkey

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Number of houses in Spain to grow by 1.8 million in next 15 years


The 15-year outlook is very strong for housing, as the number of houses in Spain will rise in line with population growth.

The Spanish National Institute of Statistics has just published its “Housing Projection 2018” paper, which predicts there will be upwards of 1.8 million more homes nationwide in 15 years’ time than there are in 2018, if current trends persist…

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Home sales increase 9.9% across Spain in August


Property transactions in August were up significantly across Spain.

According to recently published data from the Spanish Association of Notaries, the year-on-year increase in residential property transactions across the country was almost 10% for the month of August

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Spain says adiós to the controversial “sun tax”


Owners of residential solar panel systems will no longer be penalised for the generation of surplus electricity, under new Spanish Energy Regulation.

Last Friday’s news that Spain’s infamous “sun tax” is to be scrapped is a big win for ecological groups, investors in renewable energy and consumers looking to make the transition from non-renewable sources to clean energy

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Spain home values up by 4.9% in Q3 2018… and 8.4% on the Costa del Sol


Tinsa’s recent third quarter market report showed a good evolution of Spanish real estate market prices.

Real estate valuation experts Tinsa recently published their third quarter report on residential property prices in Spain and the picture it paints of the market – both on a national level and for the region of Andalucía – is one of sustainable and continued year-on-year growth

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Spanish Healthcare System Best in Europe


Bloomberg’s study paints Spain in a very positive light in terms of its overall healthcare service.

One factor that is often left off many expats’ list of reasons for moving to Spain is the exceptional healthcare infrastructure the country provides for its citizens and registered expats alike…

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Spain is the most attractive market for investing in a second home


With views like this on the Costa del Sol, it’s little wonder Spain is the most attractive holiday home destination.

Almost by way of re-affirming our message from the other day about the relative affordability of Spanish property within a European context, a study was published last week showing that Spain is the most attractive destination for future second home acquisition

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Home ownership: a state of mind?


Home ownership is unforeseeable for a large proportion of Europeans, according to a recent study.

According to the seventh edition of ING´s home and mortgage survey, 30% of all Europeans cannot see themselves ever buying a house
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Where is the world’s coolest neighbourhood?


One of the reasons why Lavapiés (in the Embajadores district of Madrid) is considered to be the most colourful, quirkiest and best place to visit in 2018.

Today’s blog title may sound a little cryptic – indeed the very concept of “cool” is certainly subjective – but Time Out magazine has indeed compiled a list of the world’s 50 coolest neighbourhoods to visit, and the results are rather surprising…

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Andalucía still leader of property transactions in July


Andalucía was once again the leading region for real estate transactions in July.

Once again, the number of home purchases in Andalucía was higher than in any other Spanish region in the month of July, according to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics…

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