Purchase and home renovation mortgage

Unlock the potential of Delta Mar Suites

VIVA is happy to announce the latest update at the brilliant new development, Delta Mar Suites in Riviera del Sol. Now you can take advantage of a jaw-dropping home renovation package, which you can finance up to 70% of in the same mortgage payment that also loans you up to 70% of the sales price!

A solid investment

Located just a three-minute walk from all amenities and seven minutes from the beach in sought-after lower Riviera del Sol, these apartments make for a perfect holiday home and, being so close to the sea, have massive rental potential, too.

In fact, we know they have rental potential because the residential complex was formerly used for holiday lettings. What’s more, with rental income in a sweet spot for landlords at the moment, it’s a great time to jump on the buy-to-let bandwagon.

This is especially the case if you’re intent on finding a great value apartment with sea views in a popular area of the Costa del Sol with a thriving international community, less than a 30-minute drive from the airport.

Delta Mar Suites, of course, ticks all these boxes.

With sales prices from just €166,950, you have to travel quite a long way in either direction to find an apartment so close to the beach and amenities for such a competitive price. Interested? Well, it gets better…

What does the reform look like?

The apartments and penthouses at Delta Mar Suites are sold fully furnished and are ready to move into, yet also have great reform potential.

In order to go the whole nine yards for its clients, VIVA is proud to offer a complete home makeover option, which transforms your 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom unit into a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom sanctuary.

The results are stunning, as you can see from the gallery below:

Besides surely adding value to your home, the apartments are lighter, more open-plan and finished with a sleek and contemporary interior design. You also get an extra bathroom, which improves the distribution and appeal of the property no end; especially if your goal is to rent it out when you’re not there.

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Won’t this add on loads to the price?

Well, no, not really. VIVA has already thought of this and, thanks to a special agreement with our finance partners, can offer you a mortgage for up to 70% of the sales price as well as 70% of the reform.

So, in laymen’s terms, you’ll only pay one monthly repayment and the majority of the cost of the home renovation will be included in it… meaning you’ll barely even notice the reform cost at all.

If this reform option has peaked your interest and you’d like to know more, or you’d like to book a viewing at the onsite show flat... 

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