Nikki Beach: one of the best-known and most exclusive beach clubs along Marbella’s spectacular shoreline.

As we move ever closer to the official start of summer in Spain – this Thursday 21st June – it occurred to us that we should point you in the right direction in terms of the best places to spend the long, sunny days and beautiful, balmy evenings on the Costa del Sol

If you want to relax and unwind with friends and a glass of – insert your favourite tipple here – you can do no better than spend an afternoon at one of Marbella’s legendary beach clubs. Soaking in the sun, sipping on cocktails and taking a dip in crystalline pools are par for the course at the world famous beachside town’s iconic hangout spots, of which we look at four of the coolest and most exclusive below:

  1. Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach, although now a veteran of the Marbella beach club circuit with 15 years’ presence on the Coast, continues to draw in crowds from far and wide, not least for its season-opening White Party in May. Spain is the only country with three clubs – the other two being in Mallorca and Ibiza – and entry for three people with a drink can range from around 260 to several hundred euros.

  1. Ocean Club

Another internationally-known beach club, Ocean Club in the heart of prestigious Puerto Banús is famous for its sophisticated atmosphere and is a hub for style and fashion on the Costa del Sol. In short, it is truly one of the places to be seen. It also attracts revellers from all over the world due to its enviable schedule of parties, live music, fire shows and top DJs. If you’re interested, its next champagne party – they are held at various times during the season – will be  on 24th June, but be prepared to pay 120 euros for the privilege.

  1. Playa Padre

The essence of Playa Padre, according to its owners, is to “give more importance to the arts and creativity than merely to money”, and its bohemian décor differentiates it from other, more contemporary-designed beach clubs. That said, it offers valet parking, massage cabins and – for the first time this season – a dedicated sea channel to pick up customers from their boats, so don’t let its owners and their humility pull the wool over your eyes!

  1. Opium Marbella

The baby of the bunch, Opium Marbella has recently filled the physical void left by Funky Buddha Beach on the outskirts of Marbella and has been open for about one month now. It is one of three such-named bars – the other two being in Madrid and Barcelona – and there are plans to open another shortly in London. Poised to be one of the coolest spots this summer, Opium is right on the beach, and has its own pool, beds and an ample bar area.

Of course, this is not a definitive list. Purobeach, Bono Beach and La Sala Puerto Banús – as well as many others – are among the other contenders for Marbella‘s coolest and most exclusive beach club… so if you’ve got a taste for the finer things in life or feel like splashing out this summer, treat yourself and head down to one of these great spots!