Home values in Spain rose again against 2017 levels in November.

Tinsa’s recently published monthly property value report for November tells a very similar tale to recent months, whereby the year-on-year price increase was 5.6% compared to the same 30-day period last year…

As usual, there is a growth disparity between the different area categories, from a 0.1% price increment in “other areas” (non-capitals and non-metropolitan areas not on the Mediterranean coast in mainland Spain) to a huge value surge of 9.4% in regional capitals and large cities.

Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Málaga, for example, would fall into the latter bracket and – as four of Spain’s largest cities – are all urban centres where the effects of rising house prices are logically at their acutest.

Málaga province’s beachside areas, however, pertain to a different – and second-highest performing in Tinsa’s November report – category named “Mediterranean coast“.

Properties in this category appreciated 7.8% interannually and were a big contributor to the average monthly figure, enforcing the message that now is the time to buy on the Costa del Sol.

The accumulated value growth for residential real estate in Spain in 2018 currently stands at 5.2% and prices are due to increase at a similar rate in 2019!