This week sees the start of Football World Cup 2018 in Russia, which some retailers use as the perfect excuse for “Black Friday”-style sales.

If you’ve been caught up in Football World Cup fever, you’ll know that this year’s tournament gets underway on Thursday 14th June with hosts Russia taking on Saudi Arabia. What you might not know is that, besides the allure of watching “the beautiful game”, the tournament also brings with it several consumer benefits

For those of you lucky enough to be based on the sunny Costa del Sol or elsewhere in Spain, you will be able to take advantage of some very attractive promotions being run by various  retailers over the course of World Cup 2018, of which we’ve listed five below:

  1. Amazon

Whilst not a traditional brick-and-mortar store, Amazon makes it onto this list with discounts on a wide range of products like football kits (up to 28% off), televisions (up to 40% off), audio equipment (up to 30% off), projectors, sports clothes and drinks and snacks – presumably to scoff during games – all as part of its rather uninventively-named initiative: “Amazon Football Club”.

  1. El Corte Inglés

“We give everything for our national team” is a rough translation of the initiative recently launched by El Corte Inglés in support of the Spanish football team’s efforts in the upcoming tournament. Although not quite giving everything (away), the retail giant is offering generous discounts on televisions – up to 44% off, in fact – as well as great deals on mobile speakers, computers, laptops, monitors, multimedia players, tablets, smartphones and smart watches.

  1. Worten

The electronics store Worten is reducing prices of select smart televisions by as much as 30% in an attempt to boost sales both before and during World Cup 2018. It is also taking advantage of this increased exposure by offering a 20% discount on Samsung smartphones… presumably in case you drop yours while celebrating your country’s victory in the football!

  1. Conforama

The furniture, decoration and domestic appliance retailer Conforama is going all out on this summer’s World Cup. By offering 60% off last items in stock, 50% off mattresses, 40% off wardrobes, 30% off fridge-freezers, 25% off washing machines and up to 50% off sofas, their message is that having a cosy couch to watch the games from is just as important as having the latest widescreen TV.

  1. Papa John’s

Although this offer is only for madrileños – or at least those who live in Madrid – we felt it was worth a spot on this list due to the sheer originality of the offer.

If Spain win the World Cup, Papa John’s will issue you with a voucher to the value of all pizza orders you make between 1st June and 15th July, which you will be able to redeem from 1st August. So, if you’re feeling confident about Spain’s chances, put the pizza where your mouth is and you might get free pizza until Christmas!

Whether these “Black Friday”-style initiatives appeal to you or not, we wish your national team the best of luck in World Cup 2018!