Concerts at the Nerja Caves – or a tour down the caverns themselves – are a must visit in summer on the Costa del Sol.

As summer takes hold up and down the Costa del Sol – with temperatures nudging 30 degrees celsius this week – many expats will be looking for something to do indoors to escape the heat at the warmest time of the day…

So, our suggestion is to take a trip to Cuevas de Nerja, the Nerja Caves, where you’ll stay cool and have a great day out to boot. Easily accessible by road and situated just north of the Mediterranean Highway (the A-7) around 50 kilometres east of Málaga, the Nerja Caves stretch for a total of 4,823 metres, with the entrance standing 158 metres above sea level.

Tourists have access to a 750-metre long section of the caves and the public galleries allow visitors ample space – over nine thousand square metres, to be precise – to admire the stalagmites and stalactites of this hugely impressive topographical feature.

Only discovered as recently as 1960, these huge underground caverns had lain untouched for millennia, hiding pre-historic cave paintings and pieces of wall art that are thought to be some of the oldest in Europe.

You can doubtless imagine the jaw-dropping wonder of these caves… but what if there was yet another reason to visit? The 59th Nerja Cave International Music and Dance Festival is in full swing right now, which brings musicians, dancers and other artists from all over the world to Nerja’s vaulted caverns between June and July every year.

Two concerts remain in this year’s festival, one this Friday 13th and the other on Thursday 19th July; both of which promise a magical atmosphere with a capacity audience and magnificent acoustics. To snap up your ticket, visit the Nerja Caves website today!

As if the caves themselves weren’t enough of a reason to visit Nerja, the area is well-known for its stunning, rugged coastline, sandy beaches, quaint fishing villages and historical importance (its first civilisation dates back to the fourteenth century). In many ways, it is one of Andalucía’s best kept secrets. Check out our Area Guide for more information, and leave us a message below if you’ve been to the caves and want to share your experience.