Malaga Christmas lights

Thanks for reminding me what time of year it is!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’ve only got another 10 days after today to buy all your Christmas gifts if you haven’t already done so. I say this because, here in southern Spain, were it not for the Malaga Christmas lights and other festive decorations illuminating the streets after dark, I would be none the wiser myself.

Daytime temperatures have been peaking at just over 20 degrees Celsius recently and another sunny weekend looms right around the corner; providing the perfect justification for me, essentially, failing to get my own present-buying done and allowing me to spend days at the beach instead of spending a small fortune.

But the realisation is kicking in. At round-about 6pm each night, the last rays of the sun give way to a different type of illumination in many areas of the Costa del Sol. Christmas lights – ranging from simple, dare I say tacky, “¡Feliz Navidad!” signs and snowmen dangling over the road (Calahonda, you need to up your game!) to entire boulevards of dazzling and elaborate light shows – dominate the skyline and are a glowing example of the cheer and spirit we associate with this time of year.

Don’t like Christmas?

Bah humbug. You probably won’t want to read on, since we’ve been to a few different locations to bring you photos and video footage of the most extravagant festive illuminations on show.

1.  Malaga

If imposing, colourful and over-the-top displays are your thing, you’ll love the Malaga Christmas lights. The city’s main high street, Calle Larios, has been adorned quite wonderfully, as you can see from the photos and video below.

Vast arches that look like two rows of golden trees converge over the centre of the popular thoroughfare, while other colourful details include angels, leaves and snowflakes that change colour periodically. Truly a sight to behold!

Malaga Christmas lights pictures

Spoiler alert 

(Don't play it if you are going to see it live)

If you haven’t been down to see the Malaga Christmas lights yet, don’t worry, you have until Sunday 5th January 2020 to check them out.

RECOMMENDATION: Be sure to catch the special music and light shows every evening at 6:30pm, 8pm and 9:30pm, as they are great fun for all the family and quite a dazzling spectacle!

2.  Fuengirola

Residents of “Funky Town” and visitors to the popular beach destination over Christmas will also be treated to a sparkling feast for the eyes this winter. A reported 2 million LED lights make up the town’s festive decorations this year, which were inaugurated a couple of weeks ago on 29th November.

As you can see below, the protagonist of Fuengirola’s colourful display is a huge, well, bauble. Stranger yet is the fact that you can actually walk through the 12-metre Christmas tree adornment at designated times throughout the evening… if that’s your cup of tea. Anyway, here are the snaps and video our photographer, Jorge Morales, took:

Fuengirola Christmas lights pictures

Spoiler alert 

(Don't play it if you are going to see it live)

As well as these cool Christmas lights, the Fuengirola Town Hall has prepared a programme of over 60 different activities for the festive season. These family-friendly events include the recreation of a medieval settlement – featuring activities, games and workshops – which runs from 11th-21st December and culminates in a “Great Medieval Party” on Friday 27th December.

Want to enjoy it in person?

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3.  La Cala de Mijas

OK, so now it’s time to bring it down a bit in scale. The main avenue running through La Cala de Mijas – that’s right, the one with the bronze donkey on it – also has a pretty, lit-up arch at night.

Given that it’s my local town, I thought I’d head out and take a couple of photos myself: one during the day and one at night. With this first pic, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a summer’s day and the council just leave the lights in situ all year round! Not the case, however – this really is December…

Malaga Christmas Lights 2019… And Other Costa del Sol Areas With Festive Decorations_La Cala daytime

…while, at night, the lights are impressive and there is a man with a stall selling roast chestnuts - just like there should be at Christmas (excuse the low quality image, but you get the idea): 

Malaga Christmas Lights 2019… And Other Costa del Sol Areas With Festive Decorations_La Cala de Mijas by night

The moral of the story is this: there’s lots to do and see this winter on the Costa del Sol and there are lights to see in many other areas like Estepona, San Pedro and Marbella, for instance. The difference is, you won’t get freezing cold doing it or get rained on from a great height.

You might forget it’s winter and fail to buy all your Christmas presents on time, though.

Is this the winter you want every year?

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