Málaga’s charm lies in its beauty, its location and its vibrant atmosphere

Renowned travel publication Rough Guides has ranked Málaga in second place in its top ten cities to visit in 2015.

Although South Africa’s Johannesburg took the top spot, Andalucía’s stunning port city scored highly, with the guidebook praising its beautiful architecture, excellent beaches and weather and wealth of cultural attractions…

Málaga’s appeal lies in its location, said the guidebook, with a world-class airport servicing most corners of Europe and swiftly funnelling tourists to the numerous resorts along the Costa del Sol.

And whereas before, most visitors to the region would barely give Málaga a second thought, its burgeoning reputation as one of Spain’s most appealing cities has certainly begun to turn heads.

Having recently opened a new office in Málaga’s historic centre, VIVA knows exactly what Rough Guides is talking about. Málaga combines the classic sultry charm of an old Spanish town with the buzz and vibrancy of a city befitting its reputation as one of the largest and fastest-growing in the country.

The city’s famous Picasso museum, bullring and port have long been head-turning attractions, but a raft of new ventures are opening Málaga up to a new, hipper and younger crowd, including the soon-to-be-unveiled Cube at the city’s harbour.

“Founded by the Phoenicians, the ancient city of Málaga has far more to offer than the usual Spanish cocktail of sun, sea and sangria – though all of these things are still in plentiful supply,” gushed Rough Guides.

“Projects signalling Málaga’s cultural revival include a new museum of Russian art, set to light up a former tobacco factory, and the continued development of a mural-daubed Soho, which attracts trailblazing artists.”

Earlier this year, travel website TripAdvisor ranked Málaga as the top city to visit in Spain, and official figures have also revealed that the city has experienced an eight per cent increase in tourism this year.

The praise heaped on it by Rough Guides is likely to see the spotlight shine more greatly on Malaga again in 2015 – a deserved upturn in fortunes for one of Spain’s most beguiling cities.