The year-on-year figures for property purchases in April were almost 30% better than in 2017, while Andalucía registered the highest number of transactions of any region in the same period.

The National Institute of Statistics has just unveiled exceedingly positive data for property transactions carried out in Spain in April 2018, with Andalucía leading the way in terms of home purchases per region…

In total, 42,014 properties changed hands in the 30-day period, representing a 6.2% increase on the previous month’s figure. The stand-out statistic, however, is the year-on-year increase, which places the number of home purchases a staggering 29.7% higher in the fourth month of this year than in April 2017.

The autonomous community of Andalucía, which is home to the sunny Costa del Sol, can claim much of the praise for this sharp interannual rise in homebuying, since it contributed 8,181 property transactions to the national total. The next highest was the Community of Madrid (with 6,648 sales), followed by the regions of Cataluña and Valencia (registering 6,521 and 6,172 property sales, respectively).

In fact, every Spanish region without exception enjoyed a year-on-year increase in homebuying in April. The biggest proportional surges were in La Rioja and Murcia, whose transaction completion was over 50% higher than in the fourth month of 2017.

This significant spike of almost 30% is partly due to an overall reignition of the property sector in Spain – a fact which industry experts are unanimous in asserting – and partly due to fortuitous timing…

The fact that Easter fell in April last year and in March this year has resulted in phenomenal year-on-year results in April 2018, while the -3.1% interannual transaction slump in March underlines the decline in purchasing activity during the festive period. That said, this report’s data is extremely encouraging in the context of the Spanish property sector’s continued and sustainable recovery.