Spanish property values are on the rise once again, demonstrating a continued upward year-on-year trend in the early months of 2018.

Spanish property prices continued their spirited resurgence in April, with official data from Tinsa showing the average property price across Spain to be 5.4% higher than in April last year

As well as representing the healthiest year-on-year figure for April since 2007, this data, together with more modest increases in recent months, is further evidence that price increases for residential properties in Spain are being backed up month after month.

This follows an overall increase for the entire first quarter of 2018 against the same period in 2017, which is in line with predictions for property pricing and certainly a good omen for the remainder of the year.

A significant contribution to April’s property value rise is the 8.7% increase posted by large cities and provincial capitals across Spain, while “metropolitan areas” enjoyed a 5.7% upsurge.

In a wider context, this means that average property values are now at their highest since early 2013 and that a Spanish home now costs, on average, 10.3% more than at the lowest point of Spain’s much-discussed economic downturn.